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I'm loving being able to play this gem again after so many years, man, especially with a lot of people. Any idea when or if we'll get access to new levels? The original Jump 'n Bump always made me want to play new levels with the same design, since it had beautiful graphics (at least imho), but the fact that the whole game consisted of two single screens was kinda underwhelming. So the variety that new levels would bring to this new version would make the game much better than it already is.

And thanks again for bringing this great gaming gem to modern machines, and keep up the good work, my dude! ;)

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Thank you for the kind words! And yes, the original needed more levels! In fact I'm putting a tonne of work into what I'm calling "Super Jump 'n Bump" so to keep me going it's going to be a paid game, $7 Australian - but it has a built in level editor with 100% controller support, so you never have to put the controller down (eg. you can use this on a Steam box, etc.) and a decent number of levels with different graphical tilesets that you can use to get started (I'm currently aiming for about 4 or more tilesets, and 3 levels for each of those - with hopefuly more to come if there's interest - eg. Christmas level, Halloween level, etc.).  And it has rounds like a real game, so rather than play forever until you quit, it has (by default) 25 kills per level, and 5 randomly selected levels, then the game ends and shows you the scoreboard.  But you can change those values in the settings.  Plus there are 4 selectable characters, and 8 selectable colours, so you can differentiate yourselves more easily, improved score screen / ranking, new tile types (death tiles, wind tiles, one-way platforms, etc.) and fingers crossed - but I hope to get in Steam Workshop support so everyone can share their crazy levels...