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This is cute! I wonder what the lots to discover is, though. I saw that she can get changed a bit, but mostly the monsters seem to feel bad that you didn't complete the minigame and so there's only a small change. XD

Are there ways to do more, or is it just that?

Yup, pretty much! The changes depend on what "type" of enemy you lost against and they all stack. It was mostly a fun game jam project to give me an excuse to design a bunch of monsters based on my friends ^^

I wondered if they might be based on real folks. But, you say they stack? I only ever got one change from any of the enemy types, and afterwards they'd all apologize if I didn't complete the minigame, instead of doing a change. On my last playthrough, I got furry ears from a furry type, so I thought losing to the other two furries would give more furry changes, but it didn't, and none of the others did changes either