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That was nice. I got the good ending. <3
Only problem is the volume. No control or slider, and way too loud.

I'm glad I finally played the demo, it was very fun. I love the art and the start of the story is interesting and engaging. I hope you finish it so I can play it all!

I think the only issue in the demo was the boss fight at the end, it was a bit janky, and the spears had hurt boxes even after they landed, so walking into them would end you, not just being hit by the jab.

Still, I want more! Best of luck!

I mean, maybe. There are some on there I haven't gotten around to that I own, but I'm also somewhat on the side of the archivists. It's not great to have any media go away, good or bad.

It's really unfortunate your day job is having an issue with this sort of thing. Sympathies to your situation.

Maybe I was playing an older version somehow? I don't know if I could.

I installed it via the launcher, and it says it was installed 5 days ago, and was published 2 months ago. It's

So, it would have been at least the previous version before the update you just put out. Is it possible you fixed that this update?

Congratulations. Nice!

I tried it for the first time myself just the other day. Good game so far. I did notice one bug though. I'm too sleepy to give a proper bug report, but it was involving the portal panties. When I was wearing them, I went looking for apples, and a guard put a butt plug in. While trying to get the butt plug out, the panties kept coming off. I was surprised to find they really did, since they were supposed to be irremovable. Portal Panties content stopped while they were off, but if I put them back on it continued, and they were locked on again. I had them come off a few times while getting the plug out, and kept putting them back on.

Oh, you made a girl version? That's pretty neat. I still need to find the money to buy the first one. XD

It looks like you used the same description from the original though, right? The first paragraph still refers to the protagonist as a new lad.

That was very nice! You even publish it in three formats, so that's nice. I wonder if there's a way to add a volume control to the demonstrations on

I wondered if they might be based on real folks. But, you say they stack? I only ever got one change from any of the enemy types, and afterwards they'd all apologize if I didn't complete the minigame, instead of doing a change. On my last playthrough, I got furry ears from a furry type, so I thought losing to the other two furries would give more furry changes, but it didn't, and none of the others did changes either

This is cute! I wonder what the lots to discover is, though. I saw that she can get changed a bit, but mostly the monsters seem to feel bad that you didn't complete the minigame and so there's only a small change. XD

Are there ways to do more, or is it just that?

Seems functional but rough. I wasn't expecting it to be flash in this day and age! Not much to say this early on. I added it to my watched games collection. I wish the best for you and your project!

Thank you for the reply!

It is really difficult a lot of the time, and there are different dev styles. Do you figure it's two years from now, or two years in total, or you'd rather not say?

Looking good! How's the progress? Do you have a percentage?

Yes, I can see it now. Thank you very much!

Hello! I purchased your bundle, and I'm hoping to play the html version mentioned on the download page. The thing is, there doesn't seem to be one? There's a .zip file with a Mac version, and a .exe for Windows, but those are the only two downloads. I don't think the html version is in the .zip. Did it get misplaced?

Yes, the music is very nice! And yes, it is 2022! It's rather like the Jam said, though, time hasn't been real since March 2020, which was three weeks ago. (it was not)

Hi fluffy! I saw this on my feed, and you put in 2021 for the year. It's the summer of 2022!

Also, the music is nice! It's impressive you can make this sort of thing, so quick.

Geez, the way you started this entry, I thought there was going to be this "And here's where it goes bad" part, and it ends up positive throughout and it gave me real confusion! XD

I'm glad you have such a great community. I haven't played your games yet (They're on my For Later list) and I don't make RPG Maker games, but I kinda want to join your Discord just to see some of these interesting sounding game design conversations.

Those are some nice looking fonts, Xin Jin Meng! Thank you for making them and sharing them with the world!

It's five years later, so maybe you've moved on, but I'm trying this for the first time in a moment, and your Ethics Statement link is broken. Hopefully it's not important! <3

Well, that was a delight! I'm going to be participating in Strawberry Jam 6 in a couple days, and I doubt I'll make such a good game. <3

Thank you for making and sharing!

Great comic. Really enjoyed the cuteness. Looking forward to the next one!

Probably not, since it's a game jam game. If I did anything more with it, I'd probably change everything.