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This was really nice!

Things I liked:

  • The art is goregous! I've played some of your other games, and none of them compare to the art in this one.
  • The controls were great, except the sword swings were a bit slow.
  • The music is nice.
  • The little effects give the game much more character.
  • There was variety! Sure, the enemies were a bit cliche, but they mixed things up a bit!
  • Short and sweet; Didn't drag on too long.

Things to work on(?):

  • Short and sweet; The estimated play time is 40 minutes, but I beat the game in thirteen? This isn't really bad, it's just a bit confusing. 
  • The story told by the tower murals is a bit too vague. 
  • The boss was nice, but the area you fought him (her?) in was tiny. It probably could've been a bit bigger, though I understand that that would mean you'd probably need to expand the tower.
    • Not only that, but his (hers?) hitbox is pretty big, so there were some times when I got hit just because I couldn't go anywhere else, though this might just be my lack of skill :P.

I really liked this game, and you don't know how inspiring this is. Good luck on your next one!


Thanks a lot WatDowTal!! The concrete feedback really helps :)

For the love of god, do not call me WatDowTal. You're welcome! :D