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Damn, you definitely have a knack for catchy simple games; I follow you since Combo Pool which is still on my phone. :)

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Seems like a good start can make or break your record, so a button check to start the game would be very nice to have, as a restart hotkey/option would be.

edit: one can accidentally press again when finishing (which can happen when your finish is up top and you're mashing to touch it quicker) and that resets a record, it was my best run by far but I didn't see it. how about have at least a "double click proof" for it?

even if not for this one, I hope I'm at least being helpful for future project in terms of user experience. the game feels great to me and invites to play and compete, I'll send it to a couple of my friends; so I'm trying to describe the things that can hinder the competitive feel to it, basic failsafes. Sorry if you're well aware and just don't treat this as a big deal :)

You are welcome to give critical feedbacks! You can use ctrl+r or "enter->reset cart" to reset the game (but it also reset the level, maybe it could have been interesting to let people have multiple tries at the same level)

For the music, yeah you are right, it was kinda a placeholder at first but I wanted to release the game, maybe I will change it latter. It will still be very coarse as the constraint limits what I can do.

For the "double click proof" at the end, it's a good idea but I didn't have the space (in the 1024 bytes allowed by the jam) to do it, I'm already glad I could show the timer at the top :D

Very cool! 2514! :)