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Had fun with it! 46dif on 10x10 was fine, but I could pass through 46dif 15x15, although I pushed :) Great idea to expose a dif algorithm to a user. Very nice implementation.


Very cool! 2514! :)

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Seems like a good start can make or break your record, so a button check to start the game would be very nice to have, as a restart hotkey/option would be.

edit: one can accidentally press again when finishing (which can happen when your finish is up top and you're mashing to touch it quicker) and that resets a record, it was my best run by far but I didn't see it. how about have at least a "double click proof" for it?

even if not for this one, I hope I'm at least being helpful for future project in terms of user experience. the game feels great to me and invites to play and compete, I'll send it to a couple of my friends; so I'm trying to describe the things that can hinder the competitive feel to it, basic failsafes. Sorry if you're well aware and just don't treat this as a big deal :)

Damn, you definitely have a knack for catchy simple games; I follow you since Combo Pool which is still on my phone. :)


Can't help but say that music is something to improve upon most definitely (as a person teaching music production). The melodic part could be less erratic, could disappear for a period of time to be less irritating; also there's a time when its volume jumps up for some reason, which is even more puzzling considering that I would assume the music is generated, not pre-recorded?

Honestly a great game. :)

Great time. Would love an android apk. My first time was 3889.

I love your stuff so much. It's awesome. :)

It's a nice touch that if you press a numeral once again, you'd get a slightly different rendition of the same style, it's brilliant. :)

Man, they are so beautiful.

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Love this beautiful thing. Thanks a lot.

Cool! :)

Thank you. :)
It's sweet and nice and loud and present.

Fantastic, thank you!


I found this thing very, very interesting and I would really like to have this about my profession: music. Someone else below have already asked for this: can you please share the structure and source text, or the whole project? I would like to rewrite the whole text into "music production idea generator" and don't really care what way would suit you the most. Had this idea in my head for a pretty good while. Please?

I'm a musician who thinks about getting into gaming. I REALLY am interested how did you create this synth sound parameters clearly responding to pattern settings. Did you write some library yourselves for that? It sounds clean and awesome!

Won't work for me...

For me, it was rather easy and interesting to try, but there's a couple of things that prevented me from playing it more.

1) I can't stand the fact that this waves are off-tune with the bg music. I had to turn it off, but surely there are ways around that, aren't there? :)

2) I NEED an ability to remap keys, or at least an "hand-alternate" version, where I can move with WASD and act with sometimg else. I can't count how much I stumble trying to alternate between Z, X and C and ended up disconnecting things I didn't want to, going overboard with actions I didn't want to happen. Eventually, I was just tired.

3) It would be nice to have a save state or at least to make timer and sound stop when you minimize the app.

(Let's add FM, LFOs, wave bending and then they'll know how it is to feel their brains inside out :))

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Screens looked promising.

Once you select music and sound loudness, there's no way you can tweak it in-game, or at least I don't know about one. // My very first generated dungeon was a dead end, where my first descent skips one floor and drops me to a second, where I just shoot a bit of enemies and now have nowhere to go, trapped, despite doublejumping or whatever capabilities. I can see the sandwiched floor, but can't reach it. Either I don't know something or it's a fatal flaw for a roguelike. Second random was no better, is two floors gameplay supposed to be enough to pay 8 bucks?// Enemies are hard to distinguish between alive and dead, brightness difference was too dim, especially for a start. // How do you exit the game at all, except using Alt-F4? // There's a certain, not very far, distance where your shots are useless and won't hurt your enemy. For a game that focuses heavily on survival, that seemed very limiting.

It can't "reverse synths", it can revert to older settings after a change :)

Crusher made its way to my production routine, and SfxMaker is just a lot of fun and full of great ideas. Thank you so much!

"Its last words were: game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)"

geod, I did a video. :)

(by the way, is there any way to remap buttons for games?)

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Maybe I don't know how to do it right, but they start to look like a small "piles" of pixels, not balls, to me. That looks especially strange on numbered balls, because the digits become distorted and it looks weird. Is there something I'm missing?

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My favourite childhood game, also called Lunar Ball in Japan. Vote up, please! :)

Recommended settings:
Layer Distance: minimum or about that, so balls won't float :)
Light Dir: Top, and lower the Light Intensity, That way, the table would be lit "from above".

Video (attention: my actual version is shown from 01:19 until 07:20! :) At other times, I'm showing unedited version and speaking about it!)
Lunar Pool 3DN file download

Hard to tell if something is an issue if you're not sure what was intended :) I've found a red light, jumped on it, heard a creepy sound and fell through the wall; after that, I had to Alt-F4, and I assume it was intended. Was it? :)

One probably has to play these things all his childhood to feel how amazing that looks like to me...
Just love it.

It's a ZTE Geek2 phone; yes, I absolutely can, but using "back" button is an... expected behaviour, every single app responds to that, so that's what I did. :) By the way, it plays very smoothly and comfortably, and I have a feeling I get more stable results than on PC. Also, very elegant decision about "how to implement a precise shooting mode", I think you're very good at designing these "little things that seem obvious", so thank you once again :)

How do you exit from the game? My only option is to open running apps list and then quit to desktop; exit button itself doesn't work on a title screen.

Android version! I'm doomed.

It was worth every minute, thank you very much! I played it almost a whole day and enjoyed thinking about it, listening to impact sounds and trying to plan my way through. It would be a great mobile game, too, It's really easy to imagine it taking off just because the mechanic is so attractive.