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It can't "reverse synths", it can revert to older settings after a change :)

Crusher made its way to my production routine, and SfxMaker is just a lot of fun and full of great ideas. Thank you so much!

"Its last words were: game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)"

I REALLY need something to "delete" space on a picture. :)

geod, I did a video. :)

(by the way, is there any way to remap buttons for games?)

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Maybe I don't know how to do it right, but they start to look like a small "piles" of pixels, not balls, to me. That looks especially strange on numbered balls, because the digits become distorted and it looks weird. Is there something I'm missing?

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My favourite childhood game, also called Lunar Ball in Japan. Vote up, please! :)

Recommended settings:
Layer Distance: minimum or about that, so balls won't float :)
Light Dir: Top, and lower the Light Intensity, That way, the table would be lit "from above".

Video (attention: my actual version is shown from 01:19 until 07:20! :) At other times, I'm showing unedited version and speaking about it!)
Lunar Pool 3DN file download

Hard to tell if something is an issue if you're not sure what was intended :) I've found a red light, jumped on it, heard a creepy sound and fell through the wall; after that, I had to Alt-F4, and I assume it was intended. Was it? :)

One probably has to play these things all his childhood to feel how amazing that looks like to me...
Just love it.

It's a ZTE Geek2 phone; yes, I absolutely can, but using "back" button is an... expected behaviour, every single app responds to that, so that's what I did. :) By the way, it plays very smoothly and comfortably, and I have a feeling I get more stable results than on PC. Also, very elegant decision about "how to implement a precise shooting mode", I think you're very good at designing these "little things that seem obvious", so thank you once again :)

How do you exit from the game? My only option is to open running apps list and then quit to desktop; exit button itself doesn't work on a title screen.

Android version! I'm doomed.

It was worth every minute, thank you very much! I played it almost a whole day and enjoyed thinking about it, listening to impact sounds and trying to plan my way through. It would be a great mobile game, too, It's really easy to imagine it taking off just because the mechanic is so attractive.

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