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Hey Pappi! So I really think the Mac saving problems are because of some permissions and rights you can give to the game and its files. The saving problem has vanished from people who play the game on Steam. Steam naturally has more right and permissions, so that's why I think it boils down to that. If you bought the game here, you can have the Steam version too. Just email me and I'll give you the key so you can try that out. Hopefully it would help in your case too.

Hi, i did buy the game off here, i'm having trouble finding your email sorry.

I can not find the steam version of the game either

I found the steam version but i cannot find your email anywhere :/

Hello sorry for all the replies but i found the steam version and bought it, i do not mind paying again for it as it is a brilliant game. I will always strongly suggest this game to all my friends, thank you for the amazing game.