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Hey the steam mac version of this keeps having all the attacks locked on one limb during all of the city of ma'habre making the first new god impossible to beat as in last stage can only attack the very middle.

Hello sorry for all the replies but i found the steam version and bought it, i do not mind paying again for it as it is a brilliant game. I will always strongly suggest this game to all my friends, thank you for the amazing game.

I found the steam version but i cannot find your email anywhere :/

Does anyone know how to fix the mac problem of not letting the game have save files?

I can not find the steam version of the game either

Hi, i did buy the game off here, i'm having trouble finding your email sorry.

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Hey the mac version of the game still is unable to save, and also there is glitch where you are forever having the uteus enemies baby knaw at your feet, it a broken loop. feel mac really needs to be able to save, you get the save screen but are unable to pick a file to save to.

The mouse is present during the entire game so i could be that.

When choosing a file to save your game to, the mac version does not let you select any and will repeatedly make the box for file 1 flash until you either press x or z where it just exits without saving, with going to settings in game making the game crash.

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I feel this game has so much going for it, the atmosphere is amazing, the characters are all unique and the designs are great for the enemies, though there are some fixes needed with saving and combat glitches this game is really great, you have a really amazing game here and i cant wait for it to be finished, the mac version 1.0.3 doesn't save which you'd think would make me not play this game till its fixed but the whole feel of this game brings me back and pushes me to go further. Looking forward to further updates. 

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Thank you for the update, the mac version 1.0.3 crashes when i go into settings and wont save, I am very much enjoying this game but is hard when unable to save on the bed due to crash or not registering my selection of save file, over all am excited to see where this game takes me.