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Hello Orange

hope u read my comment i realy liked ur game ever since u releaced its full version (The selfish guy on youtube if u remember me)





u can consider them ideas for new content

i am intresred in pocketcat hiden secrets and the fact that we little know about the god he serves as well the moon god which him self too is selfish to share his valueble knowlege , one that can cause problem for the new gods 

how about playing the poketcat maybe and knowing more and more about him cuz (maybe he knows something about the moon god :D

) idk u might be having some future plans ready for him cuz the info about him is mostly nothing tbh

thats all good luck man u have one hell of an imagination.

Oh, hey cool that you found your way here! And thanks for the nice words! I do have plans for the Pocketcat and the Moon.  You will see more of them........

thanks for replying it means alot

may i ask how much u think the game is completed atm u can give me a percentage is it too early to deiced?

and man do some more creepy weird things if u know what i mean

hey xhankx1 the game is consdiered a full release already

yeah i know that but as u can see new content is being add in almost every 3-5 updates i am pretty sure the game has alot more as u can see the dev said he has more plans which means maybe lore or even more new fights etc. this game is limitless its all the dev call {man ur game is so deep}