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I cannot emphasize enough how much FUN I had playing this game! I played online, and the Miro board template included in the game was so slick and easy to use.

I also really liked the format of the game. I haven't read a game before that has a transcript of the playthrough before rules, and at first I considered skipping it to read the rules first because I thought I'd be confused, but then I thought "There's a reason the game is written this way, so I'll read it from the beginning and if I get confused, I can always skip to the end." But I was delighted to find that I understood the game really well from reading the transcript, and then reading the rules after just clarified things even more.

This game DEFINITELY sparked joy!

Edit: I've included the video of my playthrough!

Huge thanks for this enthusiastic review and for streaming a session of the game on Twitch. 

Feel free to to post here a permanent link to the video of your session. 


I just edited my comment to include the video, thank you so much!