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I ran this game for stream and had such a blast! The playbooks (or Roles) are delightfully trope-y, the gameplay is simple, and the inclusion of the Plot Twist mechanic (where certain plot points are introduced if players roll the same number on 2d6) is unique and fun! As the Director, I had a hard time picking out which plot prompt I wanted to use because all of them were so creative and narratively interesting!

I hope that others will pick up this game, as it's too good to ignore!

I left a comment earlier about how much I enjoyed this adventure location, but now I can also share the video of my group playing through this adventure! We had a blast!

This game is so fun, and is honestly one of my favorite TTRPGs! It's designed so well and so cleverly. I grew up reading The Borrowers and this game emulates that experience really well, while leaving ample room for making up your own version of things.

If you like very collaborative TTRPGs, this game is an excellent one.

I ran this game for a group and had SUCH a fun time! The idea is really creative and flows from the crossword jam naturally. The art is wonderful, and my players had so much fun with the mushroom random effects. A great Mausritter dungeon that I'd highly recommend!

I absolutely love the tables in this supplement! Alicia is so good at coming up with succinct but very fruitful prompts. This is a great addition to the base game.

I've been lucky enough to play this game a few times and it is a DELIGHT. It's very easy to get the hang of, and the idea behind it is so funny that it's very easy to come up with fun scenarios and characters.

One of the times I played the game, Zay ran it for my stream, so if seeing a game played through helps you get the concept better, here's that!

This game is so fun! I love the framework for setting scenes, and I think it's a really good introduction to the Belonging Outside Belonging system for anyone who hasn't played a game in this system before. The different playbooks of witches use tropes and archetypes without becoming tired cliches.

I also like that the book presents a plethora of topics for the players to explore and interact with, of various levels of seriousness. The Adult Witches in your game could have very silly traditions or could be perpetuating real-world systems of marginalization, all based on what the table is interested in exploring.

I also HAVE to mention that the artwork for this game is lovely. Overall a very fun time, and I look forward to playing this even more in the future!

I just edited my comment to include the video, thank you so much!

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I cannot emphasize enough how much FUN I had playing this game! I played online, and the Miro board template included in the game was so slick and easy to use.

I also really liked the format of the game. I haven't read a game before that has a transcript of the playthrough before rules, and at first I considered skipping it to read the rules first because I thought I'd be confused, but then I thought "There's a reason the game is written this way, so I'll read it from the beginning and if I get confused, I can always skip to the end." But I was delighted to find that I understood the game really well from reading the transcript, and then reading the rules after just clarified things even more.

This game DEFINITELY sparked joy!

Edit: I've included the video of my playthrough!

This was my first time playing a game like this, and it was such a fun time! It was fun playing a solo game that was more about the experience than it was about journaling. The prompts were all really fun, and the concept was great! I managed to make my Blooming Potion and now I want to play again and try with a different potion!

This is the best one-page RPG I've ever played. It's SO GOOD! The writing is very evocative of the genre and even though it's only one page, the game utilizes that one page very well. I highly recommend this game!

This game is so much fun! I have been lucky enough to be a player in it, and I'd like to run it myself at some point! The rules are written in a very friendly, conversational way that is easy to understand. The game itself encourages silly fun and you can never tell what might happen next! The game we played is already on this page, but here's the character creation stream we did together!

This game is such a blast! I was lucky enough to play it with Tadhg and had such a good time. In fact, we had such a good time that I'm already planning another session of it! The rules facilitate a great story and it vacillates quickly between goofy and tense! The template is really helpful in making the game go smoothly while playing online. I'm also excited to try the other modes of play!

Everything about this game is so charming! The world is really rich but also leaves plenty to the imagination. The mechanics serve the world really well. And the illustrations are wonderful! I really like that worker solidarity is a baked-in part of the world, and I heavily relied on those themes when I ran a one-shot of the game. I really enjoyed running this game and am hoping to run it again in the future! (The one-shot I ran is included in case anyone wants to see the game in action.)

I played a one-shot of this game on stream and we had such a lovely time! The playbooks are unique, the mechanics led to great situations, and I loved the concept of playing a game that is so community-focused. The community clock was such a good game mechanic and facilitated the experience of caring not only for the player characters but for the community as a whole (even the grouchy members).

(This stream was sponsored by Freddie Taylor-Bell as the game was funding, and being able to hype up their game added to the themes of community and coming together to support each other!)

I just finished my playthrough of this game and it was so sweet and emotional and made me think about my own teenage years. The prompts are so well-thought out, the mechanics assist the story in a really nice way, and the story I ended up with was just lovely. I HIGHLY recommend this game (and will be playing it many more times in the future)!