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thanks, bro I was thinking about weapon powers ups but there was 2 reason I didn't include them.
reason no1 was kind of fell in love with the special weapon and wanted the players to get used to using it all the time and I really enjoyed putting just enough health on the enemy so the player had to get close to the bad guy to power up the weapon so he had to constantly use it to kill them.
buuuut the downside to this of course is that it can make the player feel powerless.

the other reason I didn't give power-ups is more technical I had a problem with killing bosses too quickly. now I can spawn enemies when the boss dies but only the enemies currently to the side of the screen will activate. so if I gave power-ups to the player they might destroy the mid-level boss too quickly.

I shall fiddle with powerups and balancing

anyway again thank you so much for the comment it's REALLY hard to get anyone to notice shmups these days and I hope you enjoy all the new levels I plan on making