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большое спасибо, я надеюсь, что смогу закончить это к Рождеству, надеюсь, вы сыграете в готовую игру.

thank you. I hope I can finish this thing one day. I am constantly tired it's why I stopped working on games that require coding. your words mean the world to me I will try to finish it.

I Painted the cover art for my game in oils

thank you so much.

I got custom death animations depending on the weapon the player is holding

все в порядке, я воспользовался переводчиком.
Я так рад, что вам понравилась демо-версия. Я не остановлюсь,
 пока не сделаю лучшую игру в жанре fps, какую смогу, в efpse.
I hope this translated correctly anyway thank you so much for your kind 
words and I will try to play your efpse game soon 

current state of the game

art for the pause screen

new enemy you will be able to pilot one later in the game


Two new enemy types

Thank you so much for saying so :)
unfortunately I not worked on this game in a long time.
I have not worked on anything that needs coding since I made this. Because I have chronic fatigue so I am sorry I dunno if the game is ever going to be completed. :( I always wanted to give the game like 8 levels and different games modes. maybe one day but for the foreseeable future this is all there is. But I am so glad you enjoyed it tho.
Comments like this mean the world to me.

MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING are you still making this?. it got the call of cthulhu atmosphere perfectly.

looks great if you need a playtester let me know

I only played the first level but it was fun.
I will give it a more complete review when i played it all the way through

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dude I loved everything about this it was perfect i would like to do some sprite work for the game contact me on discord my user name is princeof_mars2

I made a fps game and I would like some feedback because I have only seen 2 youtubers play it online and they died ALOT and rage quit:(
I have since then altered the difficulty and would like to see someone try it and let me know how many times they died what I could do to improve the game just feedback in general.
you don't have to record yourself but it would be helpful

Thank you so much I am taking a break to work on other projects to avoid burnout (and I had some health stuff) but your compliment really encourages me to get back to work.


Thank you for taking the time to play my game in response to the clear trouble you were having I have switched the order of the levels and placed more health kits in the mansion the new first level.

Kinda, yeah this is all based on a long running game of pulp cthulth a table top rpg I would play every Saturday with my friends.
One of my friends wanted to do a character was just Allan Quartermain from LOEG so he just said this is his less famous cousin Aloysius Quartermain.
but to frank he played him so much like Allan it's basically the same character.

i will be sure to fix all these issues

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demo is almost ready just got to add a few finishing touches

cute I was having a rubbish day and being a cute animal tram conductor for a bit helped

unfortunately not in the current version no but i will return to this project at some point in the future and hopefully include that

there we got it all working perfectly

This enemy type self destructs upon death

thanks man that means alot

I totally forgot this thread existed anyway i made alot of progress i will be posting a demo soon

the single best game made with efpse simply amazing

I really enjoyed this I tried alot of efpse games and i think i enjoyed this one the most and I think the reason why was because of the level design. it had lot of variety going from forest to junkyard to caves really good stuff i hope you make more.

HI, I am really glad you enjoyed it I been meaning to go back and finish this game for years but i had a bunch of health issues hopefully I can post some actual progress soon.

As for the elevator i wanted to get over a sense of scale to the building and give the play a chance to breath for just a moment. I always liked it :) but i will refrain from moments like that in the rest of the game.

I brought a copy of but today it will not recognize my license

everything is placed into C:/pro