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I just posted the first game I've ever published independently here and am psyched to see this conversation. A lot of the most relevant stuff has already been said above, but categories for low prep, no prep, one-shot and campaign would be amazing for folks looking for games to fit specific life situations that come up fairly regularly.

Also, there's pretty big crossover between designers and players of tabletop RPGs and larps, so larp classification tags could also be very useful - things like, well, larp, as well as parlor, freeform, boffer, nordic. I'm not that deep in the classification system, but those are some broad categories that would be a not terrible place to start.


larp, and &c. are all super good tags to go under the RPG category also. campaign would definitely fit in the supplement section (See Wizard Fighter Thief's post) but I agree that one shot, no prep, and low prep are good tags also.

I was thinking more of campaign as indicating designed for long term play, rather than a specific adventure, but I can see it's not the best terminology for that.


I feel like for LARPs you really want the tags to be open-ended, since there's a remarkable lack of consensus as to what things like "parlor", "freeform", or "nordic" mean.