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Good and fun  game, but I found quite a few glitches.

#1: If at the beginning of the game you walk into tho toilet or the bathtub, the character would clone.

#2: You could get the toast and break the toaster at the same time if you press space in between them.

#3: Sometimes when I walk out a room, the game freezes with an empty text box until 4 PM.

#4: The collision in the toy room is a bit glitchy.

Hope my comment helped improve you"re game!

By the way, I like the music in the toy room, what is it?

Thanks, the comments did! We know about a few of the bugs already but Construct 3 is no longer free(was during the jam) so we can't fix what we want to :/

The music and all the sound was created specifically for this game by our awesome sound designer: Kelley Delponti