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my mistake, I am using the RIFE model currently! I just mean to say the UX is nicer than using barebones DAIN from source :)

I'm using this to enhance some stop motion shots on a short film I'm working on, love the ease of use, works really quickly and makes DAIN simpler(thank goodness). I promise to donate something when I get my next paycheck :)

Here's the film's twitter if you're interested:

I've used Flowframes in 3 shots so far!

cool collection

If you're missing the "reveal steam key" button on your download page AND you paid $10 or more for the GDC bundle you will need to contact itch support about the issue on your account.

just did, we only have 100 left so snag them fast!

known bug, unknown cause. Only exists in the bathroom at the beginning of the game thankfully

really good at these updates I'd say

Thanks, the comments did! We know about a few of the bugs already but Construct 3 is no longer free(was during the jam) so we can't fix what we want to :/

The music and all the sound was created specifically for this game by our awesome sound designer: Kelley Delponti

I agree, the time is pretty tight, the fastest you can complete the game is 80 seconds, but each round lasts 100 seconds