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I love the thing where you collect the feathers to double jump! I also like how cute it is! A good name for a sequel would be "Pipfall"!

I honestly like your game, because of how hard you worked on it with a program with so many limitations!

The coding language you were talking about with the goto command is batch (.bat), and I also played the game multiple times to read all the text boxes!

Good and fun  game, but I found quite a few glitches.

#1: If at the beginning of the game you walk into tho toilet or the bathtub, the character would clone.

#2: You could get the toast and break the toaster at the same time if you press space in between them.

#3: Sometimes when I walk out a room, the game freezes with an empty text box until 4 PM.

#4: The collision in the toy room is a bit glitchy.

Hope my comment helped improve you"re game!

By the way, I like the music in the toy room, what is it?

Do we have to keep the default title screen or could we use one we made because the game would be strange if we didn't have a title screen to do with the game

I was planning on making a Yume Nikki type game but didn't read the theme. lol a Yume Nikki like game would be perfect lol.