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This is just pure fun! It took a little bit for me to understand the controls and I don't think I even touched all of them, but the core combat is just so damn fun! I think my only wish is that I could choose my own weapon. But overall the game is really interesting in its combat mechanics, manages to get all information across with a cool low poly style and is unlike most games I've played before. Definitely worth playing! Great work!


Thanks man! This video is so amazing and surreal. We've never watched someone play TORB for this long, esp since I just finished that waves mode a few days ago! So glad you like it!

You can pick different weapons in the sandbox mode. If you pick the player from the sandbox menu on the right you can chose between hammer, bow, 2 swords, and saber. But beware, they aren't really as balanced as the good ol' Crystal Blade! Really, really encourage you to try out VS with some pals. Things get real.