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Neon Tail -  DevLog 25

Hi, been a few weeks since I last posted a #screenshotsaturday !

Beside the #TaipeiGameShow, there was a huge update with the whole shopping district made available and updated with pedestrians. Ran into a lot of expected performance problems, that I dare think is mostly resolved probably. 

The list of changes since last update :

- You can now skate in the Shopping District! \o/ - HUGE rework on the pedestrian manager for optimization purpose. - Implemented Saving system. - Updated the options, now they're saved on hard drive. - Implemented main menu (functional but ugly. Visual update pending) - Added a first version of the prologue (same, will be more spectacular later) - Added a wake up from a sofa animation - Implemented it based on first mission - Dialog system code improved - Reduced Pedestrian polygon count by around 30% - Added and Animated Drones and props - Many new props will now move on player touch - Fixed grinding bug - General performance optimization

I'll probably keep working on more optimization for all the dynamic props next week, something visually visible for the next #screenshotsaturday could be nice for you guys too.

Have a nice week end!