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This was one of the most creative and strange games I have ever played. I was both fascinated and creeped out the whole time. Belly's gameplay for some reason reminds me of older retro defense shooter style games like Galaga. Which is not to say the game feels old. The visuals and experience I think truly capture what it would be like to be in a creatures stomach. I hope that the developers take the creativity used to develop this game into all their future projects! If you want to see what my experience was like you can check out my lets play below.


Hello TylerTheTornado,

We appreciate a lot your feedbacks and feels about our game. We will definitlvy put as much heart in our next project as we did for this one if it's not even more. Our next project will be released around June so if you really liked this one you can follow each member of the team on Itchio, we don't know yet the composition of the next teams but this team probably won't be together for the next project, at least not in the whole. Thanks !



Will do! I look forward to seeing what everyone involved does going forward!