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Hi !

Thanks for your video on our game. 

It is unfortunate, it seems you missed half of the game simply because you didn't print the notebook. It is a cross-platform game, one part of the game is within the virtual space while the other one is on the notebook (paper) that you can download and print.

You should give it a try with both, you will understand why :)

Best of luck


Hello GuillermoFornaris,

We are glad you liked our game !

Thanks for the feedback.


Hello LordofNope,

Thanks for the feedback, we are happy that you appraciated it. If you don't want to miss our next project that will be release in June, you can follow each member of the team (we probably won't work on the same project).


Hello Nobody In Nowhere (kinda weird hehe),

We are really glad you had a great time playing Belly. Thanks for the feedback and the video !


Hello TylerTheTornado,

We appreciate a lot your feedbacks and feels about our game. We will definitlvy put as much heart in our next project as we did for this one if it's not even more. Our next project will be released around June so if you really liked this one you can follow each member of the team on Itchio, we don't know yet the composition of the next teams but this team probably won't be together for the next project, at least not in the whole. Thanks !


Hello flxp,

It seems you had fun playing our game, we're glad of that, thanks for your video.


Hello Jar_Red,

The team is really glad when players enjoy the uniqueness of the game because that was the vision of the game that we had of it since the beginning of the project. We wanted something really different of what you could expect of a SHMUP and your comment is a kind of proof that we managed to do that successfully, Thanks.

Hello StepVibes,

We appreciate the video you did on Belly, to answer your question about why we didn't materialize the monster in the background is that we had somes rules to respect, like you can see it is a SHMUP experience which is a gender of game that rely a lot on the Highscore. Therefore we decided to create an endless game in which you can always score points as long as you stay alive. Having a boss here would put an end to the game which would lead to a restriction of what score you could do at maximum.


Hello Spancore,

Thanks for your feedbacks, we're already aware of them because we made this game in a short amount of time and we won't change anything since this project is over now. We're going to move on a new project pretty soon at ENJMIN.  You can count on us to do better games in the future.