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Cute game. I'm only 10⭐ in, but I dig the concept, and the LttP look is nice.

Stuff I think it could benefit from: 

- "Next" button when you finish a stage, alongside the replay/exit buttons. 

- Maybe have the enemy make its move when you lose, so you know more easily why you lost

- Some sort of animation for the checkmate would be cool

Will try to play a bit more later and see if I have any other suggestions, but it looks good!

Thanks for the feedback. Number one and three seem to be quick wins and will be implemted for sure during the next updates.
The moving after the win isn't as easy as it sounds, so this is somethign for the unforgiving backlog^^


Cool! Also, level 35 was quite the challenge. The enemy going on the offensive definitely changes the way I think

Thanks for so much feedback. This helps a lot :)