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Hello devs!

I had find this project from TIG and I tried it to check some mechanics that I saw in the GIFs. 

I was playing the builds and it promise a lot but What about the graphics? Will be like the currently are?

The game needs a lot of work of course but I would like to help you because I played the game in soldier mode and I like it. I was not able to end the match but I enjoyed and I would like to try again.


- I am not sure what the alarms do. I tried to set one on my plans but never happens nothing interesting. 

- How the survivors works? I mean... you can train citizens to become soldiers, but how can I get more citizens?


Hi Pili,

Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate it! 

Yeah, right now the graphics are like a big blank canvas. This is a prototype and we are looking for gameplay feedback. The ending video game will look really cool, with a real aesthetic graphics aligned to the lore behing. It's just a prototype to share with the community and know what do you think about the game mechanics. Even the video game name is a code name. 

About your questions:

- the alarm bait works as a lure. You can place it in the battlefield and zombies will be attracted to it for a while. Also, you can upgrade your alarm bait in the Technology Management inside the bunker. Moreover, you can buy more alarm baits to start battle with more initial amount of them. And it is the same with the rest of the technologies.

- The survivors are the most important element in the bunker, If you have no survivors, there is no one to save and so you lose the game. You must keep them in save. Besides, you can train them to become soldiers. The more soldiers you have in the bunker, the safer the place will be. And finally uou can get soldiers to your troop, depending on the experience level you are.

It's great that you enjoy the video game, don't forget to join our Discord Server!

Project Blockchainz Discord Server

Oh! That´s good, thanks!