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Pili the kid

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This match was extremmelly funny. The poor raiders stoped the horde by their own.

Hahaha I have been in worst situations... but unfortunately I didn´t record it ;)

I didn´ t see the shotgun! Nice to get a new weapon.

I rather mines, I don´t have to interact with them. :)

I love barricades too. I would like to see at least 20 barricades to make my own bunkers :)

In my last matches I was trying to not fight directly with zombies and I am untouchable.
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Hey devs!

Without bullet time! TRICK SHOT!

Yeah! Those shots look great!  

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The wall! 

I like these kind of situations

Other way to use these alarms?

I made this video to check how to use the alarms.

Is this the function of the alarms? Would be great if it could be use in more situations.

I get 2 alarms but I have not use it to end the game.

I am enjoying a lot this project. 

First match complete after 2 dies. 1:35h.

When more?

Oh! That´s good, thanks!

Wow! I just played agains a horde of 465 + 16 raidrers... The raiders were very helpfull hahah 

Hello devs!

I had find this project from TIG and I tried it to check some mechanics that I saw in the GIFs. 

I was playing the builds and it promise a lot but What about the graphics? Will be like the currently are?

The game needs a lot of work of course but I would like to help you because I played the game in soldier mode and I like it. I was not able to end the match but I enjoyed and I would like to try again.


- I am not sure what the alarms do. I tried to set one on my plans but never happens nothing interesting. 

- How the survivors works? I mean... you can train citizens to become soldiers, but how can I get more citizens?

If you have you game created, even if you only have a 20%, you can´t participate. The jam is to start the game just with the jam starts.