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Hi there Orange,

      Huge fan of this game. I think it brings dungeon crawlers and mature content together into something epic. I consider this game a near mixture of Silent Hill + Resident Evil + (insert any dungeon crawler). I just downloaded the newest version and decided I would restart upon watching a Neco video and finding out an alternative method to applying primary and secondary pain to someone in my party. My sentient point however is my one complaint about this game. I would bet that I am not the only one to complain about this...

"The Coin Flip Mechanic" (CFM)

     I think this element makes or breaks it for some players. Multiple times I've had to restart because I will lose a coin flip and feel the element of being a "smart RPG" player is null and void. Players chances of defeating a "New God" are dictated by guessing heads or tails. This essentially takes away from the challenging aspect this game offers by implementing a "luck" based CFM which can, in my opinion, make or break Fear & Hunger for all kinds of players. However, this is my one soul complaint about this game and I will continue to play it either way. However, I would like to make a suggestion because overall I am a fan of this game and would be happy to see it only grow and succeed.

What if enemies dropped scrolls and books? Dare say, add an enemy or even a level boss. Maybe something like "You have defeated The Cannibal" then you search him and find "Scroll of the Wildman". Or by defeating a Yellow Mage, you have a 50/50 chance to receive say "Empty Scroll" or some sort of magic addition. With a probability of receiving more lucrative "drops" from defeated enemies, I think you could even keep the CFM. 

As I said, I am a big fan and only hope to see Fear & Hunger grow, just offering an honest review and suggestion. 

Thank you!

Hey there, I like what your saying regarding chance items for certain mini-bossses. The coin flip mehanic is supposed to be "unforgiving" and is one of the most hated mechanics known.

Kill_Switch-X, I really do appreciate the unforgiving atmosphere this game gives off. I don't mean to say I don't like the game, I love it. In my opinion the coin flip takes away from the atmosphere entirely and leaves the players destiny in the hands of a 50/50 chance as oppose to setting up your game plan for a mini-boss fight. Thanks for the reply!

Hi V.Knott! 

I understand the frustration. The coin flip mechanic can feel unfair and it certainly can give some players an edge, but it shouldn't gimp players to the point of making the game impossible. There should be good items and important resources around enough to get you through. It can just sometimes be more difficult, than on the next run perhaps.

But I do like your idea of making the enemy loot more prominent too. It actually sounds very tempting and I will most likely do something like that in the coming versions.