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Hey there orange, I really love this game! Been watching John Wolfe for years and yours was the first game that made me want to buy and play! That said, I'm coming across an issue I see other people are having also, with the save function not working on the mac. Is it possible to get a steam key from you to try and see if that fixes it? New to itchio so not sure what the best way of contacting you is! Thanks so much for all your hard work, I hope I can invest more time in it soon.

In the comments, people said they had to edit their file access on the folders, to allow for saving and loading. If you do a search, through, you should be able to find them and how they got it working.


Hey Mask thanks for your response! I unfortunately do have permissions set to read/write, but am still unable to save!

Hey swallowinfinity! For many people, playing the game on Steam has fixed the saving problem. This leads me to believe it really is some permission issue that doesn't exist when the game originates from Steam.

Since you bought the game already here, I can also give you a Steam key if you are interested. Just email me!