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Wah this game is just my type of game! I loved talking to characters and getting to know them. Pompadour-san is my favourite! Kuma-san is pretty cool, too. The pixel art is top notch and the soundtrack suits really well to the whole atmosphere of the game. (Also, found the Spirited Away reference :3 ) Over all, very enjoyable game, nice story and characters. 10/10

I got the bad ending though, I just need to try again to get the good one...

Lovely to hear you enjoyed it!

Did you get to the other end at last or did it elude you? We realised shortly after finishing it up that the game doesn't guide you much at all to understanding exactly what's necessary to get there, so most if not everyone who jumps in the first time has the same experience of running headfirst into the wall unfortunately haha :I

Well I tried for the good ending again and I'm kinda stuck. In the late afternoon, I talked to the salaryman for the second time and I'm not sure on what do to next. Last time I played I skipped to evening and got the bad ending. So I feel like I'm not triggering a specific event somewhere. Also, I'm having a slight difficulty to get to my house.  So yeah, I'm a little confused but I really want to get the good ending  ;-;

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You might want to go check out the rooftop at the school if you haven't been there yet, the skip is generally just if you want to see what's there at first (at the end, but in hindsight the skip might have been a slightly poor idea), but playing through all of it the skip isn't necessary (if you hit all the events, you get to the evening still).

(also it's unclear,  but you can't enter your own house again after you leave right now, I should probably clarify that which I will with the next patch ^^)