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I want him so bad

Haha my birthday is on the 12th of May! I'll def play this game when I'm not broke, seems interesting :]

I recently came across this if and I'm a huge fan! I didn't expect to like this as I usually am into more action-packed stories, but the characters really did it for me. They're written so well, and they seem so real. Excited for future updates :D

Hello! I'm encountering this error when I try to save the game :( 

Ahhh this game is so good! I really enjoyed this demo. I don't do well with jumpscares but I played through the entire game just for the characters haha. My favourites have to be Isola, Cam and Mr Yumehito. The soundtrack is really good (especially the OST for The Belly), and the art is really pretty. Looking forward for the full release :)

In Skyrim, the player character wakes up in a horse cart  too. Then another character says "Hey, you, you're finally awake."  That's where the similarity ends tho.

Also I'm looking forward to how the story will go :) seems interesting so far

The first few lines reminded me of Skyrim very much lol

Ahhh this is really helpful!!! I was able to understand Twine quickly :) Thanks a bunch!

That's why I chose to write about this game, so nostalgic :D

This game looks way too good, achieves the outrun aesthetic perfectly. The gameplay is simple, and it will definitely benefit with some more game modes. My personal favourite is the dark synthwave. 

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This is such an useful tool

This game is too cute! Loved the humour, the story and especially, the characters. I was totally engaged. I would love to see another game with the same cast of characters cuz they all seem so likeable! Really well done. Also Worf is cool, he makes the best delivery guy.


Also when talking to the mysterious gargoyle in the elevator, it gave away that his name was Desmond before he even told that to Worf, sligthly gving away the intrigue on who lives in the top floor. Not sure if it was a bug, but just a heads up. 

Okay this was a nice vn! It's pretty short but I liked it. I love the art, the colour scheme and effort put into the characters. This is really good for your first vn and I expect more in the future!<3

Wow this so looks so cute! Totally would use this

Btw, can the tileset be edited??

Wah I love this! The art style is so pleasing to the eye and I like the variety of character sprites used (especially for Finn).  Really liking it so far.  Would love to know how Hugo's route is like. Also bestie Charlotte looking hella cute.

I really wanna see how this dating sim goes as it is exactly my type of game. I don't want this to get abandoned b'cos it looks promising. So hope the developers update soon

I finally got around playing this game and I must say, this vn is really charming! The art style, especially the bgs, is cute (though I find the arm-less chibi characers quite odd. But if that's a stylistic choice, I wouldn't mind). I very much adore the pixel art used here.

The dialogue is written well and I like that we can make a lot choices, but I wonder, is this vn abandoned? Because this is just a short demo. I would very well like to play the full game if it is out. 

Well I tried for the good ending again and I'm kinda stuck. In the late afternoon, I talked to the salaryman for the second time and I'm not sure on what do to next. Last time I played I skipped to evening and got the bad ending. So I feel like I'm not triggering a specific event somewhere. Also, I'm having a slight difficulty to get to my house.  So yeah, I'm a little confused but I really want to get the good ending  ;-;

I liked how you took a different outlook on loneliness. It was really interesting :D

Wow, this game was an experience! I really love the art style, the animations, basically everything! This game is really unique and bizzare. I played through all the endings because the story had me hooked! Would love to see more visual novels like this <3

cool game :D

okay this was cute

It's fine if you can't finish this game right now, just wanted to know if you were updating it or not since it seemed so promising. No pressure. But if you ever do think of finishing this game, I would be ready to wait 'cause like I mentioned, everything seems nicely done and I love the concept.

Anyway, good luck for your other projects! <3

Looks really cool, is there any future developments for this game? Like stuff to interact and play with? I would totally love that because I already am mesmerised by the art and want to do more

It was a cool game, I enjoyed it. Too bad you couldn't finish it properly :[

whoa i can't wait XD will be looking forward for it!

this game maybe short but too good! loved the art and loved the humour! like the previous comment, would love to see more from the same backstory. can't believe you made this game in 2 days :o

okay the art style is adorable! love the colour choice! the game is short but lovely :)

this certainly is interesting and pretty!

can't wait to see your other games

okay this is too cute i want a sequel

Pretty art and music with a touching story... I loved it.

what a neat little game 

the sound effects are so quirky, and music is too groovy

loved it <3

Okay this is too cute XD I like how our human lover says cheesy lines and cringes at it at the same time like that's literally me 

Also nice soundtrack; suits the game very much.

Wah this game is just my type of game! I loved talking to characters and getting to know them. Pompadour-san is my favourite! Kuma-san is pretty cool, too. The pixel art is top notch and the soundtrack suits really well to the whole atmosphere of the game. (Also, found the Spirited Away reference :3 ) Over all, very enjoyable game, nice story and characters. 10/10

I got the bad ending though, I just need to try again to get the good one...

I know I'm late, but this game was so lovely and pure, I loved it. The pixel art is really pretty and colourful. So cute <3

Now that I think about it... I think I got the bad ending? I dunno I'll try again to get the other ending (which I assume is the good one).

Also looking at the older comments I found your art style and it's really cute, like can you make a game based on that? (Like a visual novel or something). I would totally play that! But I'm not pushing you to do anything, 'cause I'm ready to patiently wait for whatever you're gonna post next.

Till then, I'm gonna play your old games to keep me entertained... so yeah :)

okay I just finished this game and I love it so much! I'm not a big fan of murder mysteries but the characters in the game got me good. It's really interesting and unique, especially Neo who is a very weak mc, (unlike in most games where mcs are strong) which makes him different and somewhat relatable. Weirdly enough I like Krys... is that morally wrong? :p But anyway if you ever continue this series I'm happy to wait and play it! 

Thank you, it works now! I know it's late but happy new year to you too! I will be waiting for your other games :)

Wow this game is so adorable! Honestly I live for the very soft aesthetic art in the game it's just perfect. The boys are very likeable and very sweet, the main character has more story to her than just being a blank slate. It's short, but considering you're letting out another game with the same characters, I'm guessing there's more so yeah I would certainly wait for that.

One thing I've noticed is that I use the desktop app and through that I can't download the game? I can download through the browser though, which isn't a big deal unless my internet security software tries to delete it thinking it's a malware or something. I checked with your other games but I can't download it through the app. Just wanna know why...