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Yes, It's some funny to see someone with an stupid face who download in a wrong way a PC game on his phone/tablet, it happens many times in simple games of free download, in which although they take a version for Android, it also have the version for Windows, and this people that was download the Windows version  in the wrong way on his Android phone/tablet, they will have confused it in an epic way to the Android version.

The big problem with Windows emulation in Android, is that there is a lot of fakes and misinformation about this theme (Wine for Android wasn't updated since January 2018), but there is another way to be able to play PC/Mac games on Android/iOS, the Streaming, but it's not worth it, because you need to pay a monthly subscription, a very good Internet signal and mandatory, the screen is filled with so many buttons that your fingers will cover almost everything, and nothing game will be your property.