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thanks you ♡(∩ꈍoꈍ∩)♡ yeah neo is kinda weak huh i never really thought about it but thats the way it happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its ok i really like krys! (did you get the good ending? bc theres two~) tho i guess i created it all so of course i like everyone!

no plans on continuing it yet but if i think up of a sequel then i totally will make another game!! i really do love these characters <3

thank you again for playing!!!! i'm really glad you enjoyed it (ꈍᴗꈍ)


Now that I think about it... I think I got the bad ending? I dunno I'll try again to get the other ending (which I assume is the good one).

Also looking at the older comments I found your art style and it's really cute, like can you make a game based on that? (Like a visual novel or something). I would totally play that! But I'm not pushing you to do anything, 'cause I'm ready to patiently wait for whatever you're gonna post next.

Till then, I'm gonna play your old games to keep me entertained... so yeah :)

yeah i think i even gave a hint for the second ending, its not too hard to find! hope you do and you like it or something :3

aw thanks!!! it's just one of my styles i guess, not sure if i'll use it for a visual novel/etc but who knows! i will prob attempt something in the much more distant future but for now low graphics have been easier tho it might change! i surprise myself something

awww i hope you enjoy my other games!!! <3 <3 <3