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I have a problem, the stats keeps changing at random. I can gain intelligence then come back to have it back at zero.

On it! Thanks for the report!

Hey Newgman! Found the issue. Good news is the bug is in the meter only, so all your stats are still being saved! Should have a patch to fix that within the hour. Cheers and thanks again for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

Thank you. Should the guards have their relationship meter shown in their conversation page? It's shown in the status screen but not there. It's shown for the instructors, alchemist, head guard, and Mavie.

While you can affect the Morale of castle guards and their ending in the Final Battle, you cannot build an official Relationship with them at this time. However, the Bunny Guard was upgraded to the datable character roster thanks to the generous folks at Kickstarter. (=

Cheers! -din