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This is a really good game! I managed to get all of the unbreakable endings but was a little disappointed that the game didn't have something for that. But I completely understand why that would be the case.

Another problem, the game seems to lock up near the end. Two lines after the dark elf insults the magic instructor, the game stops doing anything. It just stays stuck on the screen of her.

Found a bug with Ram. When you talk with her about the cat, two of the answers cause her to run through every possible response and neither effects morale. The only one that reacts normally is, "I couldn't either. They're too cute!"

Thank you. Should the guards have their relationship meter shown in their conversation page? It's shown in the status screen but not there. It's shown for the instructors, alchemist, head guard, and Mavie.

I have a problem, the stats keeps changing at random. I can gain intelligence then come back to have it back at zero.

Thank you for the answer! Played a few games where corrupting others always lowered the relationship with them and it's always bugged me. I'm happy that isn't happening here.

I'm excited! But a quick question though. When corrupting other characters, is the relationship stat altered?

I just want you to know that this game so far is great! I'll be looking into getting the paid version when I have a little more spending money.