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If you haven't played this yourself do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD IT NOW. You won't regret it, this is a wonderful free short horror game. 

Nordic Journey Maker, you promised to scare in 10 minutes or less and MAN did you deliver! This game was terrifying! The ambiance and music were on point for creating that sense of dread, and I was happy that you didn't overuse jumpscares to try and freak out the player. You went the better, more difficult route of creating an atmosphere of horror, which is far more scary anyway. I loved it! I was left with a ton of questions about the protagonist and the story, so I really hope y'all turn this into a full fledged game! 

P.S. Took the survey, too. Hope it helps with future developments. :)

Thanks for all your feedback! We appreciate it. We are talking about making it into a full game, but we are actually in the middle of two other game projects at the moment that we expect to announced at the beginning of the spring. So we just have to see how things goes, but we have the idea.


Oooh how fun! 2 other projects huh? Are both of those around horror tropes as well, or are they playing with other elements of the human psyche? I'll definitely be looking forward to when those games come out this spring. 🙂