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Creepy and atmospheric walking sim, I enjoyed it! Play for yourself, it's worth the play.

What a cool and surreal experience! I enjoyed the message the game was trying to portray, and def recommend you play it for yourself if you haven't!

There's no porn in it, it's all YouTube friendly, if you want the porn parts, you gotta play the game for yourself! 

What a fun game! The art is cute, the story just spooky enough, and the time to play it was simple and short. I recommend trying it yourself!

The new v0.2.2 is out and it is really good! The cutscenes are awesome, the story deepens, and the animatronics remain sexy as ever. If y'all haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it!

This game is everything! The voice acting was superb, the art adorable, and the story was one worth listening to. It truly is a love that transcends time! I highly recommend playing this game for yourselves if you haven't. :)

The endings to this were all very fun! 5 endings in 1 short game is great, I quite enjoted it. Try it yourself!

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I enjoyed this game, though the slow build up to the climax of the game took far too long. Since it was predictable, it would have been nice to see that occur sooner.

Overall though, I loved the aesthetics and style, and look forward to more games!

What a wholesome game! I went through and got all the endings, all the dialogues, and really enjoyed it. Always refreshing to see LGBTQ characters represented in such a candid way.
If you haven't played the game yet, you should!

Ofc! I appreciate the time and effort you put into making this, and am looking forward to more work by y'all'! 

A fun little horror game, but the  fact it's so easy to get lost in the sewers detracts from the atmosphere. Overall solid though, worth a play!

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This game gave me mad Inscryption vibes, and I am here for it! The original game was fun for using probability to outsmart the dealer, and the new game mode of double or nothing adds some more playability to an otherwise one time play game.

Excited to see what the dev does next with this game!

Hey, that's ok! Sometimes little issues like that come up in these engines, but I am sure you'll get it ironed out come the next part of this series! Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm in the discord server too, and looking forward to future updates!

This demo is EVERYTHING! The voice acting was superb, the interactions wholesome, and it genuinely made me excited for the next installment in the series. :)

Type in any 4 digit code, then "ExitApp" right after the digits!

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This was such a fun game! The endings were entertaining to get, and I got all 16 plus all the traingles/fractals in about 2 hours (all endings I show in the video as well). Although frustrating at times (especially the bird ending) it was well made and well worth the time to play. The controls reminded me of Getting Over It to some extent, though they were not nearly as intentionally frustrating as that game is.

How to Be a Tree is random but worth it, if you're debating downloading it, I would recommend for an hour or 2 of nonsensical shenanigans!

This game is addictive and really fun! Gross, scary at first, then addictive! I couldn't stop playing it and trying to get first place. I'll settle for 2nd for now, though I might go back and try to get that coveted 10,000 perfect points to see what the ending is in the future. :)

There's only one good ending and several bad endings. Once you get the good ending, if you start the game and skip through to when there's a decision, you will always be able to choose the bad option and feel William's wrath as a result every time. I did a play through of this entire game and got every single ending (1 good and all the bad endings). The good ending is out now on my channel, and all the bloody ways to die from the bad ones are in the second episode that'll go out on Friday if you're willing to wait. :)

This was such a fun VN! The voice acting was on point and I loved the dark intrigue that William presented to the protagonist. I got the good ending in this episode and every possible bad ending in the 2nd episode, I couldn't help myself! I can't wait for the sequel and to see what you do with this open ended story, because I know I have TONS of questions about the council, William, and most importantly, the Gatekeeper.

When playing this game again, I found a bug at 23:30 that I wanted to bring to Orange~'s attention. When I ran away from the Hydra, the beast was open and dead like I had fought it, even though I simply fled. The hydra should still be actively writhing since I didn't engage it in combat whatsoever.

Still really loving the game and hope some bug patches come out soon, it'll be great to play this more and see what's really hidden all here!

I would love that! What's Orange's discord server? I'll join in!

This game caught my eye because of its gory yet dreamy art style, and after playing it, I freaking love it! The mysterious and gross world, macabre story and god lore, and trial-and-error gameplay is very interesting and makes me want to NOT die at every new experience so I can play the game most properly. I like that there are options for dialogue in addition to combat, and want to experiment with that in the future. I've only played enough for one episode so far, but will definitely be doing more! Thanks for making this game Orange~!

I think you did a great job drawing fanart of Mochi. I love it! 

I loved playing your game Nami! I was only able to get Vinegar and Baezel's endings in the first episode, but completed all the other endings in my other installments on this series. The characters are cute as a button; your take on supernatural creatures always puts a smile on my face. This game is adorable and I highly recommend playing it to anyone who is unsure. Download it now, it's worth it!

Oooh how fun! 2 other projects huh? Are both of those around horror tropes as well, or are they playing with other elements of the human psyche? I'll definitely be looking forward to when those games come out this spring. 🙂

If you haven't played this yourself do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD IT NOW. You won't regret it, this is a wonderful free short horror game. 

Nordic Journey Maker, you promised to scare in 10 minutes or less and MAN did you deliver! This game was terrifying! The ambiance and music were on point for creating that sense of dread, and I was happy that you didn't overuse jumpscares to try and freak out the player. You went the better, more difficult route of creating an atmosphere of horror, which is far more scary anyway. I loved it! I was left with a ton of questions about the protagonist and the story, so I really hope y'all turn this into a full fledged game! 

P.S. Took the survey, too. Hope it helps with future developments. :)

Haha! Hey, I recognize that face in t he thumbnail! Great video, I highly recommend this guy to anyone browsing through!

When I downloaded this game, I knew it would be interesting from the glitchy title, but boy did it really capture my attention! I was able to get 3 different endings and thoroughly enjoyed the script. This game is a spiritual successor to the original Blind Date, which I wasn't privy to until after playing this, so... some of the references were lost on me until post. :P Other than that, it was splendid and I definitely recommend it!

This game is both beautiful and mesmerizing. It's randomly generated patterns and sounds makes an experience for the player that is memorable to say the least. Definitely play this yourself and expect a relaxing, chill time. :)

This is such a beautiful game. The story is cute yet deceptive and has a great surprise at its end (play it and you'll know what I mean), but even beyond that, the sound, visuals, and art in general are all captivating. It's a short yet poignant game that tells the story of what a bird may be thinking about, and does it in a succinct yet enjoyable way. I wish there had been more to this game, and would love a longer sequel or spiritual successor, both for furthering our connection to the MC and so I can have more of this art in my life! I only encountered some game glitches when I went too fast with my bell chimes against the nightmares, but other than that, very well made. 9/10 would highly recommend!

What an improvement from the first release of this demo! The additional story, creepy atmosphere, and threat of danger were all great additions to the game. The fact that you can die now gives the player a sense of dread, since there is now consequence for getting too close to the demonic bunny, and dread is always great in horror games. :) It also is quite visibly appealing, which is always a bonus!

There were some issues and fixes I noticed when I played through it (all of which I talk about at the end of my video if you'd like my full thoughts on the game, good and bad), but this demo is by no means unplayable. In fact, it's quite entertaining, so if you want to play it yourself, you definitely should! I'm excited to see Ellen going in this direction and can't wait for more updates in the future.

What a challenging but rewarding game! You might think it's easy with a name like "Just One Boss" but don't be fooled! Bridgs took time and effort into making this game for all of us, and the quality definitely shows in a fun yet difficult way. :) I was able to beat normal and hard mode in just a little over an hour, so if you're stuck or having issues, feel free to watch what I did in my playthrough of it. I show you how to dodge all of his attacks in all his phases (both for normal and hard) and explain it as well, so hopefully everyone will have the tools and strategy they need to beat it now! Thank you Bridgs for making this, and I look forward to playing your other games, too. 10/10!

This game never ceases to both draw me in and make me rage. Yes, it is scary, and yes, I still get spooped like a 5 year old, but BOY is it secretly a rage game in disguise! And not because of Baldi, but because of that darn jump roping, evil "teehee" saying Playtime girl!!! She is the true monster in Baldi's schoolhouse. If you haven't played this yet yourself to understand where I'm coming from, please do, but be warned- I've played it multiple times for hours now and have yet to beat it. It's difficult, it's irritating, and man is the RNG frustrating, so have patience and don't expect to beat it first try (but if you do, you're a wizard and I'll be in awe of you forever). Other than that, I definitely recommend you download and play it yourself to truly experience the pain and spoops (and fun) that arise in Baldi's Basics!

YouTube videos can act as guides, but sometimes they prioritize spoops over gameplay, so here's my guide for ya. The basic layout of the school is the 2 notebooks at the beginning you receive during the tutorial, 3 notebooks on the right side of the school (the red by the cafeteria, the black by the detention room, and the green in the hallway to your right before the cafeteria and between the potted plants), and then 2 on the left side (the only ones down a very long hallway). Save the left side notebooks for the end, since it's a straight shot and you can run to the first exit with Baldi directly behind you. Since he'll be right behind you in that long stretch, make sure you have at least 1 soda and 1 zesty bar (so you can push Baldi back and use the energy bar to spring after yours runs out). Have whatever third item you think would be most helpful already in inventory if you can, whether that be another soda or a lock, etc, and most importantly, have patience! Even if you know how to beat it with a guide like this, the RNG will fault you often, so be prepared for lots of frustration. The game is pretty fun and addictive though, so don't forget to have fun sweetie! ^.^

After seeing others play this game and say how spoopy it is, I had to try it for myself and boy, is it scary when you get into it! The clickety-clack of Baldi's ruler, the perpetual fear something will hinder your progress, and of course the jumpscare of static when you catches you all made the game feel like a horror experience, which was great! I don't like that the game is so luck based, however. The RNG of when the other characters will appear makes the player's skill pretty much useless, because as long as everyone is the right spot by chance, you can win and escape (or, more accurately, if they're all in a bad spot, no matter how good you are at the game, you can't beat it). If the RNG is changed so that the game becomes more skill based, I would rate it higher, but for now, I give Baldi's Basics an 8/10. If you're looking for a fun and creepy game, I definitely recommend playing it yourself!

Just like Lonely Wolf Treat, Friendly Bunny Mochi is an adorable sequel to this series that I had a blast playing, and know you will, too. I loved that in this installment there was more story, you got to see more of the characters' personalities and the people's prejudices in the town, and that there was even a little side story with witchcraft and magic (which of course I had to do ^w^)! It made me more invested in what was happening in this universe and what will happen next in the other sequential games. If you haven't played the first game yet, I highly recommend it, but if you have, and you're deciding on whether or not to continue this series, then please, KEEP PLAYING!!! It's cute, deeper than you think, and a good time overall. 10/10

Not only is this game well-written and engrossing, but there are multiple endings you can achieve, too. There are 7 of them, and while I only got one in my video, I fully intend on taking all the branching paths to discover the other 6 on my own time, because I want ALL the lore bits scattered throughout this dystopian narrative uncovered! But back to the game review lol. In TCBN, you quickly become curious of what's actually happening, how you got there, and what you should do next, and though it wasn't as long as I wanted, the different endings add replayability; plus this is also connected to Louise's other game UnDying (which is also fabulous and if you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it!). I really hope this game gets expanded upon and/or a sequel with a full fledged game comes out in the near future. If you're still reading this, stop right now and play TCBN for yourself! 10/10

Nami, I need to say, I love your game! Not only is the art style captivating, but you managed to subtly incorporate a lot of serious social commentary into the game (like racism, bullying, social stigmas, etc), even though it's only a short version compared to the other installments. I've already fallen for Treat, Mochi, and Moxie, and can't wait to meet more characters in your other games as well. The fact that each is getting progressively longer, too, shows your journey and confidence expanding as a game developer, too. To anyone reading, if you haven't played the game yourself, please download it and experience it, because you won't regret it! 10/10

That makes my heart so happy to hear! I love your narrative game play and I'm thrilled I could make you smile. I can't wait to see what you'll be producing next! :D

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I thought this was a fun but cheeky game that takes an interesting look into what it means to have choice as a player (or character) in a video game. I rather enjoyed it, and would love to see you create more games in the future. :) While I don't accept Skelly's reality at the end of the game as it is (and I know you made it that way intentionally by your note to the players at the game's conclusion), I had fun, made a connection with Skelly, and had a great time voicing the dialogue, even despite all your cheeky twists! You're a great story writer Louis, and I recommend this game to anyone who's on the fence about playing it. I mean after all, it's free, so why not? You definitely accomplished what you were trying to go for as far as player choice is concerned, but because Skelly took an uncharacteristic dark turn near the end, I can't give you full points, so my rating of the game is 9/10.