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interesting because that's not what happened for me I had to make wolfstar go on a date with Hugo in order to advance the story no matter what else I did and went to Alex's joke ending LOL I'm not sure what that's all about and on top of that the part where you spoofed extra curricular activities bugged out as well as the Among Us Part

Those sound like bugs that need to be squashed.  Would you mind providing a detail message of the choices you made/ and or screenshots of these events so we can locate them?
Thank you for the feedback.

I'm afraid if I tried it wouldn't duplicate what happened at all but I will explain the best that I can in text in order to advance in the story I had to have Wolf star go on a date with Hugo before the fight with Fury otherwise the story wood end with the joke with everyone and I am reading on my tablet I will try and send pictures later

okay here are the pictures you asked for the error messages show up after these sentences

Ah yes, those screens had their format changed from png to jpg.  There's a new build available at this time that may have already addressed those particular bugs.  Please let me know if you continue to experience problems.

but that doesn't make sense because I did your most recent update for it

but I suppose that's fair but it doesn't explain why I had to do a Hugo route

Hugo's route is currently the most complete, having been voted on by my patrons to be worked on first.  Nothing is 100% set, and things are subject to change or be removed at a later time.  The joys of game design, am I right?

okay I would really hoping to do a hyper route but of course that Alex joke happens instead don't get me wrong it was funny but after being forced to date a certain character just to continue the story kind of made me sad