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Gilbert and Lars are not available yet for the 9th day which by the way I'm going nuts I really want to know what will happen to Walter with Gilbert and Lars followed by Parker wish I knew more about Talbots brother and the other guy shown in the picture I used to love how Mark had treated Walker but as his route went on he became to n e e d y for me sorry for the extra stuff had to get that out there

Why did the side Story with Siegfried have to be so good now I really wish you had made him an option I am crying just a little bit

Hey tyrving I know another update probably won't happen this year but I just wanted to say I am starting to miss the characters throughout the many visual novels I read I've only made real connections with a hand ful of characters welkin is exactly one of them and I know I've said this before but your writing for Angus definitely made me feel like they had more of a connection than the other two it's weird usually I only make connections with the love interest in visual novels so again it is really refreshing to make a connection with the protagonist because I've only made one of the connection with a protagonist fully before well partially with others

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no problem take your time I can't stress this enough because I know how crazy life can get I k n o w the next update is going to be good no matter what StayWell and see you in the new year

Hey juicy I forgot to add this in my comment yesterday but when trying to Romance the best friend the wording to have the opposite affect at the diner

Color me amazed interesting story I know I probably haven't completed it yet but I couldn't help but go for the best friend kind of shocked no romantic scene yet I guess I have to wait for the next update for him I was really surprised because I typically don't like whatever species the characters are but that's typically because they're usually portrayed as villains LOL you have another follower

I suppose you're one of those people that believe they will never have a proper kissing scene as well I understand your perspective 100% because I see that as well but Samuel needs to know I feel

I know that c l i f f is probably next but I'm just wondering how much longer before William will admit his feelings for our dear Samuel LOL because I know he wants to tell him

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Hey s a d d l e are you still only planning on doing a little bit more because I really want to know what happens fully when you pick either side even though I care for the bear more for some reason LOL 

N o w I just have to wait for the Android update whatever that may be uploaded it's easier for me to read on tablet most of the time LOL I'm excited to see what happens with William so much LOL

You know I love it when people comment on my comments stating that William should be coming soon and I foolishly believe it but I guess that makes things interesting you know I'm still hoping against hope that William will eventually admit to Samuel his true feelings and give him a proper kiss on the lips but I know that's just wishful thinking probably sorry I just had vent and give my own opinions sorry

You know this is another novel I love so much but the downside you either have to be a patreon member in order to get updates or look at the more information tab to see whether it has been updated but the downside to that you don't know who got updated I figured I'd make it easier for people to tell how long ago it got updated 

You know I totally love this website but when I follow games I don't get updates randomly believe me patiently waiting for hypers route to be updated don't get me wrong I understand Hugo is the patreons favorite character but but for me it feels forced again just my opinion

How much longer till the William update becomes public to me she still has the worst cliffhanger

really Hugo pretty much done because I was able to make it past the fury fight with choosing him but I understand I was hoping you would at least make it so someone could choose hyper or at least Rufus those are at least the only ones I can see Wolf star with but mainly hyper

Hey Dirk I really want to reiterate that this visual novel is absolutely hilarious and I hope everything goes well with it I especially want to see what happens with Marcus because I chose to have Evan hang out with him I hope Marcus will realize that Evan might have affections for him but I know that's just wishful thinking on my part they have such a good dynamic together

Hey wolf star sorry to bother you but I was wondering who's romance route you plan on updated next I just want to know

I feel stupid I just did a Spencer route a couple months ago and now I am trying to do one again and I can't get there first kiss picture to show up I don't know if I selected something wrong but I was pretty sure I selected it everything that I did last play through I just want to attempt to get the best ending again took me forever in the first place I'm still wondering about the extra stuff that was supposed to happen but I understand if it got canceled her forgotten about LOL

I just finished your Final Mix for the first chapter I can't believe how much got skipped when I downloaded the regular update I can't wait for more keep up the good work huge cookie

you know I wish the sequel to A dastra would get an update but I absolutely love gloryhounds and the smoke room I don't know about Echo at all I haven't read it yet

okay I would really hoping to do a hyper route but of course that Alex joke happens instead don't get me wrong it was funny but after being forced to date a certain character just to continue the story kind of made me sad

but I suppose that's fair but it doesn't explain why I had to do a Hugo route

but that doesn't make sense because I did your most recent update for it

okay here are the pictures you asked for the error messages show up after these sentences

I'm afraid if I tried it wouldn't duplicate what happened at all but I will explain the best that I can in text in order to advance in the story I had to have Wolf star go on a date with Hugo before the fight with Fury otherwise the story wood end with the joke with everyone and I am reading on my tablet I will try and send pictures later

Hey huge cookie I really loving a place to call home although I am really worried about l u d especially after Phil attacked him mentally he must be destroyed because I know how much he loves Phil please keep up the good work I wish I knew the name of the songs you used in the Opening screen and as well as the one you used while l u d was on his run absolutely love them

interesting because that's not what happened for me I had to make wolfstar go on a date with Hugo in order to advance the story no matter what else I did and went to Alex's joke ending LOL I'm not sure what that's all about and on top of that the part where you spoofed extra curricular activities bugged out as well as the Among Us Part

thank you for responding Wolf star I have to say I love the story I just wish there was a little more to it and I know you said it's done but I feel it ended on a cliffhanger also I couldn't believe in order to advance the story for some reason you have to go on a date with Hugo otherwise it goes into the spoof chapter which I find very odd because I didn't feel that was important to the story at all I feel like the main character should be with hyper and I know that is incomplete but good story so far I hope you add a reason for Jenny being in Paradise

You know I'm not getting updates for this visual novel at all and on top of that I am confused it says it was updated three days ago and yet the the log haven't been updated in months

Hey I'm confused I downloaded the latest version for Android and it won't go past the fight with f u r y and no matter what I do go will end up in bed with wolfstar I don't know if the game didn't install correctly onto my tablet please help

I read the visual novel on my Android tablet I am wondering is it not updated like the PC version because I can get past the Fury fight I know this more to the store story and hyper well ask wolfstar out on a date but every time I read through hyper will end up in jail M am I doing something wrong

wow I was not expecting the creator of the visual novel 2 even comment back talk about leaving me speechless a little bit like I said Angus is perfect for well

you guys are jumping into things that was just to make you understand why g i l l is so touchy touchy with the main character if because our character wanted him to act more like his father LOL the the main character didn't know his own father acted that way but again I know everyone has their own opinion

From what I have heard after they finish you know who's route Diego's after Story will start production also question are you a part of the Discord

I just checked their Twitter at least working on Chapter 6 as of six days ago and if you got to factor in patreon getting it first whenever they finish it

interesting story you have started I don't know why but automatically thought the main character should be with Angus a little disappointed that he only has one day really was going to check out Row  but I could already tell he was going to be like Tyson from password just I guess even though I love characters like that for some reason I just couldn't do it LOL I know you want to finish row first before Angus or Krieger but I hope to see more for Angus eventually LOL keep up the good work

I am actually apart of the Discord group 4 Tales of a new dawn I took a break for that one because t a j was driving me crazy I am really excited for when they finally really the after Story 4 Diego I was hoping there would be more like Winds of Change but no luck so far

hey guys any recommendations for visual novels I've read far beyond the world l y r e after class of course most of the Echo projects visual novels honestly I know I'm running out of options at least for tablet

thank you for letting me know because I stumbled upon your visual well waiting for a couple that I read on the regular got to say it definitely remind me of Dragon Age 

I've got to say I really hope that this one goes but I know that's just wishful thinking for some visual novels lately