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So I have a question guys I know Andy had a family issue but I'm not following him on Twitter I don't believe so can anyone tell me what's going on with this one

it's no problem I know it had been there for a while I kept telling you about it but noticed it wasn't getting fixed I know you wanted to advance the story so it wasn't that important I'm just glad I could help

hey wolfstar have you updated the Wonderland maze yet to show hypers picture on the phone when asking is this the man you love questions just wondering 

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Spoiler alert Finished it in one day can't wait for more I do have to say though I wish there was a little more color to it that's my only gripe otherwise five stars I know the technically s l e e p together the main character Dawn and Darlow but I would like to see a little more intimacy I know that the me never happen but I can wish

I know this is for Cecil but does this also include Owen in general or how long should I wait for him

Okay I just found it really interesting that the question just showed Wolf star looking at his phone

Hey wolf star long time no talk I just had a weird feeling about another visual novel you work on I know I put this there but hard to go searching for it s i n s and Paradise I was starting to question if you're ever going to go back to it it's fine if you don't and just really like Wolf star and hyper which by the way I'm still surprised when you going to the maze portion of the story to get into Wonderland their prison that doesn't show the picture of hyper on his phone when asking is this the man you love

Okay honestly I understand that the devil might be the love interest but I'd rather have Hector with c a d g a n

so this might be just me but I hope s h o s route isn't done yet I understand if it is but I would like to know if the main character goes to America or stays in Japan with him

Look at more information tabs because it has been updated they have a lot done

Here is my tier list

I have a stupid question could somebody recap me on the office so far for the third day who has it again

Thank you for letting me know huge cookie I will check it out more again I don't want to sound ungrateful and everything but I can't wait for the a place to come home to return

I would recommended this visual novel and I noticed one of the love interest looked like a Pokemon so I wanted to show someone what that Pokemon was oh and it crashed a little when I tried searching for that item with the game still open

by the way I was trying to check out your dating Sim card it's kind of difficult for me with timers and I wasn't sure which option to pick and I don't want to have to go through all the text again and again sorry for improper English if any pop up my speech to text can be a little weird

Hey huge I was just wondering I know you're starting this but how long after this will you return to a place to call home Series again just wondering

when I originally posted this comment it still said it was the first one for tablets so I don't know I haven't downloaded it yet

I was really scared but this was going to be a visual novel where it didn't have a choice on who to love I really like Aiden and Dylan and yes I know that's misspelled but my microphone wouldn't be able to pick it up anyway I really hope the second book comes out eventually if not it was fun

Is the tablet version still the original release because that's what I'm seeing on the page on my end

Hey huge cookie I have a question I know you working hard on your next game quote unquote but I was winning are you going to work on Mexico story to this after that one or what also I tried to find you on Discord

Hey Bowser this update was awesome I still wish I could be a part of it but know you probably have everyone casted already anyway keep up the good work

I'm not sure what happened but I told the walkthrough for Parker and will like pointed way off 

So I'm confused can you not just go for d o m or Alex

I'm confused the game still glitches on my Android tablet and I downloaded the new update it doesn't even get to cooking with zion

So I noticed the game was updated recently I imagine just a few tweaks nothing added to the story for any of the love interest I was wondering if it will have any more quote unquote Romance pictures also I wanted to know if you would add a hide button because I sometimes like to share pictures novels my favorite love interest is ranzo

 Hey Bowser I know you're busy and everything I just have Few questions I want to ask you I tried Two contact you on Discord

I know his route is almost over I bet but I keep hoping to see it

will Terry have a r o u t e

I'm still wondering about Owen really

I wasn't expecting it to end so soon but I can't wait to see what happens between l u d and Phil I love them together and happy New Year hugecookie

Question I a new tablet I put my Game data onto an SD card file manager Plus0 and for some reason when I use file manager Plus to trying export files from the card I keep getting a notification thing this isn't the top file for the tablet any ideas please help I know my files may not work but I don't want to give up until I know

well I kind of figured that but I thought I did everything for the teacher and KObu because every time I try the teacher is missing points and then when I try the other one still missing point

So I am really confused I don't know if it's possible to get full love with the teacher or k o b u

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You know it's funny when you find a new visual novel it's kind of sad that you don't really get to spend time decent alone time with a certain dog I fell in love with him immediately LOL perfect for Riley I I think

somehow I knew you were going to correct me that's why I apologize right away for calling him rhino my microphone would not at all pick up what you just said yeah so far I like him Connor for me really surprised I mean they just became boyfriends are you still have to check out the rest of Connor and redo k a m i l and read all of the teacher and Owen not sure if I want to go back to the prologue for V l a d

By Your Hands community · Created a new topic Thoughts

a really interesting story I know it's just starting but when talking about the rhino excuse me if that's not way to put it I feel the main character heard really come out to him on board his feelings for him sooner I know it won't change but that's the only thing bothering me so far I mean I also started Connor a little shocked there I mean they just became boyfriends

I'm really happy so far it's like Theodore and Rou I really meant to be together I loved their time together I was really happy for Theodore until they got interrupted I hope so get another chance I'm really rooting for these two

Still hoping for more d i r k but again I understand you are creatively bummed out

Had enough 

Brilliant job with build 3 I tried to do a twitch stream for it a little bit but for some reason it didn't save it it was going to be my way auditioning but I know you have your own way of doing things but it was the best way I k n e w how to practice and everything