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wow. that was really an experience.
Subway scared me, and when the character made the decission, I was all:
I'm not ready, take the cab. So of course the character I was playing had almost a panic attack when the guy started talking at me. Glad I/him/her/us got home safely. But i felt the tension and stress such "firsts" have.

I really liked the moods you created. Visually and contextual. You feel the crowded club. And when you leave the main room you have this 5 o'clock in the morning situation of random groups of people still hanging around, but you almost see their exhausted tired bitsy eyes. haha.

Overall, Great experience, one I'm never going to make in real life, so it was super interesting to play, and experience/read about the emotional layers.

Hey, thank you so much for your detailed comment, openly sharing your personal experience playing my game! So happy to hear when people feel a resonance in something I created :)