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this was great

lovely graphics,
for the itch page it might be a good idea to update the controls section according to the game.
for anyone else wondering:
use <SPACE> to start it.
and z, x, instead of A and B.

super nice, love the mix of jump and run with a light puzzle feel.
very well done.

love it,
although I couldn't figure out how to use the supplies?
Also, the snipers of the bandits couldn't attack from distance for no reason.
Overall, awesome graphics and gameplay.

ha, this is really great.
a bit weird is just that second player has to use q and d instead of a and d,
using a us international qwerty keyboard.

haha, this is awesome.

Oh, I can't remember what I gave 10% for.
must have been one of those side missions, i guess
- paying potkea debth
- bringing the bears together

Thank you for your lovely feedback and playing the game 💜


Thank you.

I'm very happy to hear that.

Very interesting Game, fun to play, a bit wonky some times, but i can see it heading somewhere. Fricken polished for a prototype.

Looking forward to see the next iteration of it on the next Talk and Play. (*push* *push*)

nice! thanks. Glad you found the rabbit. it's the toughest puzzle i would say, as it doesn't stand out like all the other quest parts. 

haha, this was great. loved the twist at the end, and everything in between.
we might share the same humor, so you might enjoy my game "coffee please", and i am not saying this to advertise, I'm doing it just because i think you would have a giggle or two too.



thanks a lot 💜

If you like to, It would be nice seeing my game added to the list. 

It's a short adventure about love, death, a long lost legendary sword, AND coffe,
I tried pushing the boundaries of bitsy a bit, so i ended up using some base functions of borksy in addition. Especially Exit via dialogue was helpful to make temporary doors using items.

It has been showcased on Berlin's TALK AND PLAY recently, and everyone that came to play it, which was quite a few people, were really curious about bitsy, so most of my talks have been like a sales pitch for your engine, but it was really nice, as most of them never heard of it before, and were amazed that it all runs in your browser. One group directly decided to use it for their next game jam. So, yeah, thanks for having made such an accessible tool. It is really fun and easy to use.

Thanks and have a great day,

wow. that was really an experience.
Subway scared me, and when the character made the decission, I was all:
I'm not ready, take the cab. So of course the character I was playing had almost a panic attack when the guy started talking at me. Glad I/him/her/us got home safely. But i felt the tension and stress such "firsts" have.

I really liked the moods you created. Visually and contextual. You feel the crowded club. And when you leave the main room you have this 5 o'clock in the morning situation of random groups of people still hanging around, but you almost see their exhausted tired bitsy eyes. haha.

Overall, Great experience, one I'm never going to make in real life, so it was super interesting to play, and experience/read about the emotional layers.

Thanks a lot Peter, very kind of you to tell me.

I used borksy for that kind of stuff.
You can use ITEMS as exits with it.
Just need to enable permanent items, and exit by dialogue.
so in my case, i designed the door as a tile that is a blank item
in the dialogue of that item i got the exit code as described in borksy, and in addition to that change my vars like:
{leftTheHouse = leftTheHouse + 1}

The real beauty of this hack comes when you want to have a conditional exits.

love it. i keep coming back to play it.

Used it a lot for my game, which wouldn't have been possible without it.

Wow, Love it, great graphics as well as  great & fun gameplay.


ah hahahahaha, love it!