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Greetings !

My apologies for not replying to you sooner, the truth is that i wanted to play on Linux before replying so I could give you feedback for both OS. ;-)

And now I did, I just played on Linux, and I have to say...

The game in unplayable with a controller on Linux, I tried to save the mother and I had to watch her falling into the pit because the game didn't respond to my controller!

Here is my detailed feedback, the game recognizes the controller, I can move the girl in all directions and save the father and the sister.

But I could do it only because I previously played with my controller on Windows and I remembered that I had to press X in order to cut out the wines and shoo the dogs.

Because on Linux, the game wouldn't tell me which button to press, it says "Press space" but I am not playing with my keyboard, I am playing with my controller!

So I think you might need to make sure that the game indicates the right buttons for the right device.

But that's not all, the game will not let me save the mother with my controller!

I remembered from Windows that I had to press the right trigger (or was it the left?) in order to pull her so I did press the right trigger in order to pull her.

And...the game didn't react, it didn't realize that I was pressing the button.

So I tried every each button on my controller while the mother was begging her daughter to help her and the game didn't react to any of them until she felt into the pit without I could do anything about it.

So you might also need to make sure that the game reacts to controller in the mother rescue on Linux.

And about the menu input issue, it is not fixed nor in Windows nor in Linux, with both OS, the game doesn't react to controller's inputs in menus!

Since you seem to not know how to fix this issue, may I suggest you to talk about it in Godot community so other developers might help you to sort it out? :-)

Your replies are in-depth and very helpful feedback, so thanks so much for it!  I appreciate you taking the time to write all this out.

I admittedly haven't tested this game enough on Linux, so you probably found more bugs! I shouldn't be happy about that lol but good to know controller input isn't reponsive there. Then again, you're the first to bring up the game having such catastrophic controller issues on might be your distribution getting in the way there, possibly.  I've had many an issue with certain distros over others with regard to controller input haha. 

As for the controller icon labels matching, yeah I never fully fleshed out a system for that, so my controller detection is probably very crude.  It involved hard-coding statements for which controller would be plugged in, and I didn't account for other OSs to parse the device names differently.  Lesson learned!  Your description of the mother dying is so sad by the way, what a horrible way to go :( lol.

Regarding the menu input issue, I did indeed fix it and test it in both Windows and Ubuntu Linux, using both controller and keyboard, so I'm unsure why it's still not working for you, sorry.  If you want, you can let me know what Linux distro and controller you're using and I can see if I can replicate it.  Any controller that isn't a PS4 or Xbox or iBuffalo controller has not been tested yet, just due to my packed schedule lol.

Yeah I've been meaning to get in touch with the community, but again, packed schedule.  Definitely not a bad idea though, thanks for bringing it up! :)

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You are still as nice as I remembered you, I'm glad you are still the same. :-)

Yay, I found more bugs than you, I won! Wait, what am I saying? No! I'm not happy with having more trouble than you!

And you are happy that I got into more trouble than you did, you sadist, get away from me!

Well, just make sure your games support X-Input and every controller will work just fine with your games as every nowadays controller uses X-Input. ;-)

That is how game developers get to make all controllers work just fine with their games, they integrate X-Input into them and here they go! :-3

Yeah, the last thing she saw was her daughter standing in front of her and doing nothing to help her because she didn't find the command to move her hand, indeed that is a horrible fate, and that is all your fault!

Moreover, you said it was sad but you added a lol after saying that, I knew it! You are a sadist, go away, don't come closer, shoo, shoo!

You tested controller inputs with both Windows and Ubuntu and that worked just fine?

Then how come it sucks for me with both Windows 10 and Linux Mint?!?

As I already told, I use Linux Mint:

And you already know my controller, I talked to you about it 111 days ago, I explained that I chose it because it is the only controller which supports both X-Input and Direct-Input making it the only controller that you can use for playing both nowadays games and old games, and I gave you its name, surely you didn't forget since 111 days!

But I understand that you want the same controller as it is the best so there, you can get one for yourself here:

Yeah, I know, I am so nice, but what can I say, I enjoy sharing the best. ;-3

The only down point is that is it wireless. I don't like wireless. But as I said, it is the only controller which supports both X-Input and Direct-Input out of the box so I couldn't find anything better than this.

Packed schedule? What could be more important in this world than developing video games? OLO

Thanks ^_^ 

You've uncovered my master plan: plunge my users into bugs head first and clean up the mess later >:} haha.   For real though, I'll have to look into how Godot handles XInput itself and that should mitigate a lot of controller support problems.  

Wow that's evil. what kind of monster would allow this to happen in his game D: lol well I'm not sure honestly why it's not working right for you in Linux Mint...that's based on Ubuntu so if it works in Ubuntu it should be fine in Mint, unless Mint does something different with controller input.  The wonderful world of Linux hardware support :D

Sorry for missing the info in your last post, my brain completely did not register that info at all haha.  Thanks for that link though! The fact that it's wireless might be the thing then; I haven't done any testing for any quirks of wireless controllers.  I just wanted to get this game out after the jam I missed with it lol.

The reason for that was the schedule, I like eating and not dehyrdating ;_; lol

Of course I did, no evil genius can outsmart the Mystery Team, now Scooby-Doo, catch him and I you'll get a Scooby-snack!

I don't think the issue comes from my controller since my controller is perfectly recognized and supported by other games.

But then again, you tested your game with your own controllers and you had no issue...

Hmm... My controller works flawlessly with other games and your game works flawlessly with your controllers so it hard to tell from where comes the issue...

Well, since my controller is so amazing, there is no doubt you want one for yourself and since I am nice, I gave you a link to order one (or more if you want some for your friends too) so you will be able to test your game with my controller soon enough, I'm sure of it. ;-3

Ufufu, you make fun of Linux hardware support but learn that I didn't need a single driver to get Linux Mint fully recognize and support my controller.

With Windows, if you don't install the driver provided on the CD provided with the controller, Windows has no idea what is this foreign body that you just plugged in. :-3

So I would say Linux Mint hardware support is much more efficient than this dumb-ass Windows. :-3

Yeah, that is because my controller was made by the Silences, you know, these beings in Doctor Who that as soon as they are no more in your field of view, you completely forget that you saw them, this is why you forgot the name of my controller as soon as you read it, hehehe.

Moreover, if you are out of money, it is because you ordered 250 controllers because each time that you ordered one, you forgot it so you ordered one again and again. :-3

Do as I do, eat on your desk so you don't need to get off your PC! ;-)

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Hey, I tested the new version 1.0.3 of the game in Linux Mint, here is my feedback about it.

I can now save the mother with the LB button of my controller, but the game still doesn't show the controller buttons to press, it keeps showing the keyboard binds so we still have to try every button on the controller to find which one is the right.

The start menu now responds to controller but now the controller can't even display the in-game menu anymore.

So some issues are now solved, some issues remain unsolved, and some new issues have arisened.

Getting a game to work alright sure seems difficult but don't give up. :-3


Okay I also tested in Windows now.

The game fully supports my controller now, it responds in menus and in game, there is no more controller issue in Windows now, congratulations. ;-)