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Of course I did, no evil genius can outsmart the Mystery Team, now Scooby-Doo, catch him and I you'll get a Scooby-snack!

I don't think the issue comes from my controller since my controller is perfectly recognized and supported by other games.

But then again, you tested your game with your own controllers and you had no issue...

Hmm... My controller works flawlessly with other games and your game works flawlessly with your controllers so it hard to tell from where comes the issue...

Well, since my controller is so amazing, there is no doubt you want one for yourself and since I am nice, I gave you a link to order one (or more if you want some for your friends too) so you will be able to test your game with my controller soon enough, I'm sure of it. ;-3

Ufufu, you make fun of Linux hardware support but learn that I didn't need a single driver to get Linux Mint fully recognize and support my controller.

With Windows, if you don't install the driver provided on the CD provided with the controller, Windows has no idea what is this foreign body that you just plugged in. :-3

So I would say Linux Mint hardware support is much more efficient than this dumb-ass Windows. :-3

Yeah, that is because my controller was made by the Silences, you know, these beings in Doctor Who that as soon as they are no more in your field of view, you completely forget that you saw them, this is why you forgot the name of my controller as soon as you read it, hehehe.

Moreover, if you are out of money, it is because you ordered 250 controllers because each time that you ordered one, you forgot it so you ordered one again and again. :-3

Do as I do, eat on your desk so you don't need to get off your PC! ;-)