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You ROCK, incredible work. Had so much fun playing and the graphics OMG.


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fun? sounded like you were about to strangle someone because of all the bugs and framerate issues.

btw i found and fixed the "stuck in wall" bug, it was the camera getting stuck and refusing to move because there was 2 overlapping camerasetters. going to do code that will prevent the bats from moving through walls, and i think the candles might be causing FPS issues as well, although i don't have a bad enough computer to test this on. also the slow-ass time countdown is because i forgot to multiply the counter with delta time.

hahaha but I still had fun man, but that boss was a pain lol dam that big ass bat!!!

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heheh, well the bat is the easiest boss in the original game, later bosses like frankenstein on level 4 and the grim reaper are insanely hard. also i might have to fine tune the batboss a bit though, could be he's swooping a bit too fast currently.

and i'll probably expand the hitbox of the tiny bats, currently they're dodging your whip pretty gracefully.

and that ghoul wandering around in the darkness in the brick area is a bug as well. i need to put in code that despawns enemies once you reach certain areas. the original really gets hard on level 3 though, with little "fleamen/hunchbacks" causing quite some pain.

I know the old game didn't have a save feature, but will you be adding one to yours? Also if that's the easiest boss I'm going to need Jesus for the others haha but don't make it to easy now, I was still able to kill him with the right weapon. Keep up the great job man.

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i'm thinking of having a save system that's at least in the spirit of the old game, where it'll save what level you're on. that way you don't have to leave your computer on to retry that level giving you pain.