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oh yes, i'd love to finish this game. 

well, i've been messing around with something different. but similar.  

maybe i'll release that next halloween if it's done. 


intel HD is far from good enough to run it properly.

what's your video card/graphics card?

yeah, well Jay actually mentioned shadow moses in our talk.

that's strange, just checked, and there was no issue for me.

hmm, 1.5 second lag?

it'll probably melt your android :P

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i didn't say anything when the 3 other people posted videos here, why would i suddenly be against it now?

go ahead, make as many videos as you like, it's free exposure for me.

yeah i'd love to do a super CIV remake, but it'll be years before i'm done with this one so.

there wasn't any move while attacking in the original, so none in this version either.

press W to move up stairs.

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well, i looked at the specs of the alienware M14x, and the GT-555M graphics card might not be powerful enough. so i'll probably have to dial back a few things here and there some more to get smooth framerates. for comparison, GTX-860M is what i have on my lenovo.

yeah it's only set to run in windowed mode currently. make sure there is nothing overlaying the window like popup dialogs and such,

or it'll stutter. i'll look into a fullscreen mode.

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i'm thinking of having a save system that's at least in the spirit of the old game, where it'll save what level you're on. that way you don't have to leave your computer on to retry that level giving you pain.

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heheh, well the bat is the easiest boss in the original game, later bosses like frankenstein on level 4 and the grim reaper are insanely hard. also i might have to fine tune the batboss a bit though, could be he's swooping a bit too fast currently.

and i'll probably expand the hitbox of the tiny bats, currently they're dodging your whip pretty gracefully.

and that ghoul wandering around in the darkness in the brick area is a bug as well. i need to put in code that despawns enemies once you reach certain areas. the original really gets hard on level 3 though, with little "fleamen/hunchbacks" causing quite some pain.

sort of mired in getting it to work properly on windoze. maybe after i finish level 1 and 2 and they work flawlessly.

btw i found and fixed the "stuck in wall" bug, it was the camera getting stuck and refusing to move because there was 2 overlapping camerasetters. going to do code that will prevent the bats from moving through walls, and i think the candles might be causing FPS issues as well, although i don't have a bad enough computer to test this on. also the slow-ass time countdown is because i forgot to multiply the counter with delta time.

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fun? sounded like you were about to strangle someone because of all the bugs and framerate issues.

as soon as unreal engine supports building mac on windows i'll build a mac version.

no you did not unzip the file. you need to download winrar, a file compression program.

from here:

install that, then unzip the file.

i guess i could just use winzip, since it's implemented in windows by default, but then the download size will be an extra 100mb

looks like it's currently not supported for mac.


i doubt you'll be able to keep a decent framerate with only intel HD graphics.

unreal can support 32 bit, although i compiled it for 64 bits.

graphics card is the most important

you're on 32 bit windows? what are your specs?

the fall effect was in the original as well actually, it's just that he crouched for a bit instead of falling to his hands.

thanks! enjoyed the vid :)

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yeah, it looks like you also played the older version, i did an update over the weekend, which has xbox controller support, some improvements to the whipping (although it's still far from perfect) and improvements to the staircase code.

update next weekend, i'll see if i can iron out all of the whip issues, and put up a pause menu control scheme.

new version should have better support for xb controller.

should have better compatibility with xbox controller now.

hmm, i looked at it and i couldn't find any way of turning off VR functionality in unreal.

i'll take another look next weekend.


download, unzip, and play

yeah the whipping is still a work in progress, even though i've poured probably 30-40 hours of work into it....

any helping hands are welcome.

rgr i'll look into it during the weekend. you have an oculus rift, right?

i'll look into it, and a mac version

it is kickstarted, but i got several people saying i'm probably gonna end up being DMCA'd by konami, even though it's a kickstarter for the license