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Hey man!  Some super helpful stuff here.   The skip is hilarious, good eye :)  You have a future in pro playtesting.  Many thanks ! 

I didn't want to share the skip cause I had fun speed running and it was just too good to share lol. I can't wait to see more of the game and where you'll take it! I'll play and provided more feed back when I get the time to do so =). Is there a small team or just one??


Just me.  The 'all weapons' cheat is HELP  :)  There's also a hidden room no one has found

Hahahaha, good spot but found it! You definitely got to put another one in your next level!


Ha!  Good work man.  A picture of my dog ;)

AW,  have another picture of him or her in the next secret room!

Will there be an update to the game soon?

Hey man!  Thanks for asking, but probably not.  Gotta spend my time on projects that can pay the bills for a while.  ;) I'll do an announcement if anything changes.  Best!

Very sad too hear =( , this was a cool demo and I enjoyed it very much, wish you the best of luck my man =). I'll be here waiting for any updates haha