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Woo! I just finished the demo!

I clicked extras first, and I already knew I was in for a game I would enjoy a lot!

THE INTRO IS SOOO NICE, OOH I LOVE IT. The writing is a lot of fun and WOW the soundtrack is so enjoyable-- I loved every song so far. Each time a new song came on, I got hype!!!

The busts and backgrounds all feel very cohesive. I loved what the backgrounds tell us about Dr.Frank! All the SFX were perfect too, btw!

I think the only thing I'd say is that the text box is a bit overpowering. I honestly think it could be fixed with just lowering the opacity just a little bit? It's mostly noticeable in the beginning of the game, and when the full backgrounds are shown! I wanna see the goodies all the time! Just thought I'd mention.

Other than the text box, I thought all of the UI elements were great. Loved the lil skull and loved the build-a-boyfried box.

I also clicked don't click and I approve. Gonna fill out the survey right now but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the game so far and how excited I am! Thanks so so much for releasing this dmo and good luck!

Oohh, good point. I'm pretty new to UI design and had tried to do some subtly transparency on the textbox, but I wasn't too happy with it. I'll try pushing the transparency even more at the bottom of the box and see what I can get!

And the full game will have some point and click elements to the backgrounds, so at the very least if I cant get the textbox looking nice, you'll be able to enjoy the backgrounds fully during those scenes. :)

Thank you so much for playing!!!

Oh, awesome! That's great to hear about the point and click and VERY exciting too!!!