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Hey there! Really enjoyed the demo. :) Just thought I'd share a few of my thoughts.

** PROS **

- Great art for both the characters and backgrounds. I really like the look and feel throughout.

- The music, though understated, was also really good.

- The abilities were unconventional, and that's good. It helps to keep things interesting.

- THANK YOU for having controller support 'right out the box'. Love it!

** CONS **

NOTE: I know this is a demo and a lot of this may be addressed in future updates for the full game, just letting you know what I think. :)

- The sound for the jump is distinctly *after* the jump has happened. So, I'd press the 'A' button, the character would be in the air and the sound would happen while the character was airborne (instead of RIGHT when he jumped). I found it distracting.

- When getting upgrades, the game seems to wait for keyboard input, instead of being playable across both keyboard and controller. After I picked up the first upgrade (the DIVE, I belive) the upgrade text just stayed on screen. I pressed every button and nothing happened. I thought the game crashed. Then, I decided to press 'Z' on the keyboard and that made the text go away. So, the game forces you to use the keyboard at every upgrade (instead of just being playable on controller). Just making sure you knew.

- My character also drifted to the left sometimes. To remedy this, a 'deadzone' option (for the analog sticks) would be very much appreciated.


- I thought it was really good! I assume more options, a proper menu system and key rebindings are on the way, so I won't make a big deal out of that here. I also lost all my hearts (skulls in top left) and didn't die. The game just kept going -- but I was happy for that since I assume checkpoints haven't been implemented yet. Overall, really good stuff. :)

Thanks for sharing the demo and I look forward to seeing what comes next. Best of luck on Greenlight and have a great one! Cheers! ^_^

- Mike C

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Thanks! The controller support is wonky currently because I don't actually have a controller to test it on, so I'm implementing it blindly. Controllers not working for menus is a known bug, which will be fixed for the final game. I really thought I implemented a dead zone and was told when I was having someone test it that it was working, but I'll look into fixing it or making it better. I'm not really getting what you mean with the sound. I went to test it in game and the sound plays exactly when you press the jump button, and the code for the sound reflects that. It's possible that you're getting some weird GameMaker sound lag, but I don't know if that even exists or not. I'll ask some other people on other computers if they notice it, and I'll see what I can do.

And yeah, we haven't implemented death or checkpoints yet, but I figured it would be fine to just let the game play out like this so people would be able to explore without the annoyance of dying. Options and key-rebindings are planned!