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This is a great example of how to create a creepy atmosphere in a video game. The sound effects and ambient sounds really work to the games advantage to create tension. I only wish there was more of a narrative to explain why everything is happening. I mention in my video that this game feels like one chapter of a larger game, and I hope that ends up being the case. I would love to play a sequel that gives me more of an explanation of the events that take place in this game. I look forward to seeing the developers expand on this, if they choose to do so. If you want to see what my experience was like you can click the link below.

It was the "actionable narrative" (from Denmark, so I'm not sure I'm using the right word) and not the "story narrative" we worked on this time. After all the high-quality feedback we have received, we have talked about how the "story narrative" should be, if we make a full version of the game. It is tempting to do so because we have received feedback like yours. Now we just have to think about it. But, thanks again for you thoughts.


I think you guys have something that could be really special and cool here. If I did not make it clear, I was hooked by this version of the game and now I just want more haha. I wish you guys all the best if you decide to expand this project or in your other future projects.