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JAN 19

Completed characters SV tilesets

JAN 20

Adjusted C8 SC1, left eye underpaint on statue

Did stuff for steam page

Made images for steam page that doesn’t spoil much on the game other than a weapon and items that one can get. I’ll try to get the front page approved tomorrow on a business day.

JAN 21

Decided that I should probably make trailer and didn’t want to try and publish the steam page yet

Designed two new sideview enemies

Designed enemy attack skill

Made icons for a skill, drops, and a plant

JAN 22

Made 3 new items

Made new skill and animation 

Tested battles

Designed and completed new battle back

JAN 23

I adjusted one of the enemies and move them lower on the tileset

I made the script for a cutscene

I accidentally got super glue on my glasses lens and took it off using toothpaste :-0

JAN 24

Adjusted troop encounter 

Adding music

Need to apply them tomorrow and implement an event

JAN 25

Applied music events

Updated a tileset

Updated one line of dialogue

✍️Working on cutscene 🌈

❤️ Demo: