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Just to give a little tip to new players, here's an order of the characters you must play first and last IMO in order to get the best of the story like a movie:

1st: Karma

2nd: Rod

3rd: Rumpel

4th: Waltz 

5th: Fritz 

Some people say that Waltz is the perfect true ending of the story and I agreed with them until I played Fritz's route. Fritz's is so different, it gives you many bittersweet feelings (it's the darkest one as well but also the realest ) that it should be played last. Also, it's a good thing you have to play others in order to unlock them. THEY SHOULD BE THE LAST ONES. 


Wish i would've seen this before playing,this is so helpful! But thankfully i kind of played in this order, except i played waltz  before rumpel because i was too eager haha. Waltz was my fav from the start.

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Hahaha I did the same exactly.. It's a good thing though you'll play Fritz last. It's darker compared to others and the end is so much different :D I won't say anything else, don't wanna spoil it. Have fun and let me know what you thought of it ^_^

P.S I got so angry with Lucette in Fritz's route. I'd love to punch her in this one!


I think the bittersweetness of Fritz's is good as a second to last, personally. Because it is more sad than the others in a lot of ways, so it's a good breath of air/tone break before having another tense, but somewhat happier ended route, of Waltz' after.