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I've found quite the bug, much like ChaosAzeroth. I'm unable to save, and all permissions I can give it are on. Now, I'm on a Mac system, and it only has the game and a file titled credits. Is there supposed to be some sort of folder in it as well? Or is it a simple bug? I'd love to continue exploring the game, but I can't really do that without that feature.

Edit: I do think it's the Mac version. Got it on Steam and tested out the bed method of saving with a throw away file, and it saved perfectly well. The Mac version must simply have a missing file or something. Makes me feel a bit better, now that I can enjoy the game more.

Really wish I'd gotten the Steam version now, but there's now way I can buy this game a second time. Ahh well. Guess I'll play it when I just want a quick one shot, unless there ends up being a fix.

It's a fun game, but already got screwed out of two nice builds/set ups now by this so I think I'm done for now.


Not certain the steam version will be any better, but I believe Orange said that anyone with the itch version can request a steam key? I don't remember, so don't take my word for it. 

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I was told to contact them about it, I posted in the Discord troubleshooting but other than that unsure how to contact them honestly.

Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping that I can, since I was told by the other person to request a key. Yet I'm unsure how to do that currently. I know Orange made a reply at one point about e-mailing them to someone, yet I'm unsure how to find that contact information. I had been suggested to contact them on Discord for a speedier response, but also was unsure how to do that so I posted in the troubleshooting hoping to get their notice or maybe a fix of some sort. :3


Orange contacted me on the Discord, and is talking about helping me out. Really appreciate both the work they put into the game and the work they put into making things right. (Fixing issues, offering refunds and discussing things with the players.) Definitely has me smiling, which some might consider odd considering the subject matter of the game but... I mean the game is interesting and the dev is above and beyond, so...


Hey ChaosAzeroth! I believe you got my email upon buying the game? If you have trouble finding me on discord (I'm called 'orange~' there) you can always send me email too. 

I, for some reason, thought that was an email. This is the first game I've gotten here, and the reason I made an account tbh. I did see your message on Discord, and hope life finds you well and appreciate the help. I'm rather an old fool when it comes to this I'm afraid.

If you'd like me to reply to the e-mail I received to square away where things go, I'll gladly do so. Thanks again!