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Hate to say it, but I find the new interface far less useful than the old one, at least for the developer community. Problems I am having with it (as a developer):

  1. It *seems* to check for updates (on the launch page it names the correct current version), but when I actually hit the Launch button, it *has not updated*. Why? This all used to happen automatically in the background. I would elevate this to a bug actually. When the app main page says "ver. y" is the latest, and instead (older) "ver. x" actually launches, this is a problem!
  2. So now in order to get the game to actually update, I have to hit the "Settings button" and dig down through  a couple more menus ("Manage" then "Check for Updates") to get it to actually *do anything* with the update! Very cumbersome. Those buttons used to be on the *main* program app page (bottom right corner). I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to bury them 2 layers down.
  3. As a developer, the ability to get to the Local Files is essential. This too has been buried 2 layers deep, when it use to be a button on the main app page. Again, very cumbersome to get to when it used to be easy.

Overall, I cannot say this is an improvement, at least for those of us who are developers. Unless someone points out what I am missing, I'll be digging back through my archives to try and find an old desktop install file and see if I can get the original, more convenient version back.


It's not immediately obvious, but you can right click on game thumbnails to get a context menu that the actions you're looking for immediately available. Hope that helps!


Also, regarding updates. Can you tell us which game you're having the issue with? If a game isn't using our command line upload tool, butler, to push builds, then there's no clear update path. This might be what's causing the issue you're seeing.